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      Reiki...Universal Life Energy

Reiki...Universal Life Energy

* To Reiki Practitioners and Healers Worldwide: 

 Please unite with us to send Reiki for all those affected by: 
   1) Terrorist attacks throughout the World. . Unite to send Reiki Unconditional Love energy to all peoples affected by the wars around our Beloved Mother Earth. Let us send Love, Light, and Unconditional Love to all the Leaders and Power Brokers throughout our Planet Earth. 
   2) Also send Reiki to all related Earth uphealvals & disturbing events and to heal our Beloved Planet as She readjusts her magnetics and energies. More things are brought into Harmony & Balance through our sending of unqualified Reiki and Prayers than we will ever know about consciously.  Join with Sandra Walters and other Lightworkers around the Planet for the Sunday Unity Meditations to assist Mother Earth...8:11 am, 11:11 am, and 5:11 pm PT. 
   3) Please send Universal Energy of Divine Love to the Reiki Healing Basket on a daily basis...Thank You. 
 You could add a prayer such as: "May the greatest and most powerful Reiki energies in the Universe work together to heal everyone & everything in the Reiki Basket and All-Our-Relations" or you could use another prayer or affirmation of your choice. The Reiki Basket contains a globe of Mother Earth, crystals, human dolls, a teddy bear for our animal families, feathers, and all the various requests for Reiki that we receive here at the Center.  Whatever method you choose, please send Reiki as frequently and as regularly as you can. 

Just care enough to reach out and touch.  You can do no wrong with Reiki.  It is Unconditional Love made manifest on Mother Earth for the healing and harmonizing of All.  

* We Are ALL ONE *

"Miracles are only things that happen under Las we don't yet understand."
...Virginia Samdahl

   The Catholic Church released its "Guidelines For Evaluating Reiki As An Alternative Therapy" edict on March 25, 2009. They concluded Reiki is based in superstition, is not compatible with Christianity nor is it scientific in nature, and was 'invented' in Japan by Mikao Usui who was studying Buddist texts. They state that the "universal life energy" is unknown to natural science.   
      "To care for one's spiritual health, there are important would have to accept at least in an implicit way certral elements of the worldview that undergirds Reiki theory, elements that belong neither to Christian faith nor to natural science." 
   The Catholic Church concludes that Reiki should not be supported in any Catholic institution; i.e., health care facilities and retreat centers, nor by any chaplain. To support Reiki personally gives energy to this 'supersitition' and will corrupt ones worship of God. To read William Rand's response to this set of Guidelines, click 

    The Gathering Place...A Center For Wellness is a Reiki-based nonprofit organization. We have a Reiki Healing Energy Basket that we encourage all Reiki practitioners to send Reiki energy to each day. The basket contains names of people requesting assistance as well as situations, places, events, and other items. It also contains two 'dream dolls' handmade to represent all of Hu-man kind, a stuffed teddy bear to represent all of our 'brothers-in-fur', crystals to amplify the energy and to represent all of the mineral kingdom, and a globe of Mother Earth. Submission of names or events/situations may be sent to us via e-mail: 

    Thank you for your support... Elayna. Reiki Master Teacher 

What is Reiki? 

    Reiki is a Japanese word that translates to "Universal Life Energy", "Spirit Energy", or "God-Source Energy". This energy is one of the highest of the Harmonizing, Balancing, and Healing Energies that we as Hu-mans have to use to bless ourselves, All-Our-Relations, and our beautiful Mother-Planet Earth. It is Unconditional Love, non-qualified, and freely shared with every living thing through the simple method of caring enough to reach out and touch - a laying on of hands as in the traditions of old. 

   All are born with various levels of healing energy. Through a series of Attunements / Initiations the Hu-man body, on all levels, is aligned like you would fine-tune a radio to receive the frequency we call Reiki. Reiki requires no belief in either Reiki itself or any spiritual discipline. It is a science of energy - repeatable every time it is used. The results will vary depending on the condition being brought back into Harmony & Balance. You can do no wrong with Reiki - althought occasionally (3% of the treatments may go through a healing crisis) the outward appearance can be a bit disconcerting as the balancing is coming forth. You just keep giving Reiki until the balancing is complete. 

    Reiki blends well with all spiritual practices - and complete non-belief in the spiritual basis of all Life. You may find your meditations go deeper; you may feel a deep sense of peace and calmness. Reiki is the best "Stress-Buster" ever found! Reiki speeds up your personal growth and development - on all levels. It works out of Time & Space. It is Unconditional Love in Action. Imagine a little "medicine chest" in your hands. And you always have that "medicine chest" with you...can't leave it home or forget to pack it for your vacation trip. In an emergency you are never helpless. You can always be of yourself and others. You don't need to "do" anything - just care enough to "reach out and touch". 

    Who may benefit from Reiki? Everyone and everything! All that is required for Reiki to flow is for the "other" to be alive. Their "aliveness" pulls the absolute perfect pattern for their use and will direct the Reiki energy to the correct areas...out of Time and Space. You are a facilitator for the Reiki energy to flow. You do not direct the flow. You just get out of the way and let Unconditional Love work to restore Balance and Harmony to the person or situation. Nothing can be more simple. You can even treat yourself as it is not your energy that you are using. You are automatically tapped into the Universal Life Energy...just place your Reiki hands on yourself and treat. Your pets will love your warm Reiki hands too. Babies just grin and go "slurp". It is FUN!

   How do you get Reiki and be able to do all these wonderful things? First, understand that you do not learn Reiki in the Traditional sense...out of a book or watching a video. You work with a Reiki Master Teacher on a "one-on-one" basis. You are individually attuned / initiated for your body to tap into the Reiki frequency. Your energetic centers in your body are balanced / attuned and then locked into the energy centers in your hands. You can never loss your "Reiki Hands" once you are attuned.

   In the First Level of Reiki, the "Hands-On" system, you receive four attunements and at the final step, it is all locked-in for the rest of your life. After that you have Reiki to use for the rest of your life just by the simple, caring, automatic act of reaching out and touching something / someone who is alive. Your only requirement is to be in their energetic field (auric field) or touching their body. Reiki goes through clothes so you are fully will go through casts too. How old do you have to be to receive the Blessings of Reiki? Any age and any condition. The youngest person attuned was a brand-new baby straight out of the shoot...with the parents requesting the Reiki initiation for their child. The parents also had Reiki so they could raise the child in knowledge of Reiki. A person can be in a coma and be attuned to Reiki. You do not "learn" Reiki with the conscious mind. You work one-on-one with a Master Teacher in Reiki to receive the attunements. Just make sure you feel very comfortable with your Teacher and there is a sense of deep trust with that person. This is a Life-Changing experience. You will not feel drawn to Reiki until you are personally ready. Remember: "When the Student is Ready...The Teacher Will Appear".You will draw to you the Teacher you need for your Lessonings. It is OK to say "No" if the Teacher does not resonate with you personally. This a totally private decision. You will know on a deep level went it is right for you...Be Still, and then Listen. 

    There are currently Three Levels of Reiki on Mother Earth. 

 The First Level is the Hands-On level that works primarily on the physical body...out of Time and Space. It brings a deep sense of Peace and Harmony and healing on all levels. It is a complete system unto itself. Everyone begins here and the other levels build upon this foundation. Herein begins your accelerated personal growth and development. It is a good idea to keep a journal for the first 21 days so you can look back and see how much you change. The change is like switching from say, before Reiki...driving across the USA... to, after Level I, moving up in speed to taking a 747 to fly across the USA. 

 The Second Level of Reiki is a step up in energy of approximately 80% from Level I and you will learn specific, scientific techniques to send Absentee Reiki Energy anywhere, anytime. You learn to work on Mental, Emotional, and Addictive Behaviour situations. It further speeds up your personal growth and development rate. Remember the 747 of Level I? have now accelerated your rate of growth like unto getting onto the Space Shuttle and heading off into orbit. You can now do a full Reiki treatment that would normally require 1 1/2 hours to complete in Level I in 15 minutes and do it all Absentee...even on yourself. In Level II you will need to use your head. Put on the thinking cap because you will be taught specific signs / symbols of ancient esoteric knowledge that you must use to scientifically activate your activities in Reiki. Here the child requesting Reiki II must be old enough to honor this level of knowledge and comprehend the teachings. 

    After a time of working with Reiki I & II, wherein you honor yourself and allow the integration and personal growth changes to settle into your Beingness, you may feel drawn to again speed up your growth by going forward into Reiki Level III - the Masters Level. This level is sometimes split into two sections: 
  1) the Reiki Master Therapist Level for personal growth and development and to use with therapy clients, and 
  2) the Master Teachers Level where you take full spiritual responsibility to teach Reiki to students that request the teachings. Again you experience a wonderful acceleration in your growth...think of blasting off to a new Galaxy system. Hang onto your are in for a ride. Be serious about your personal growth when contemplating this level as your issues will surface very rapidly and from all directions. Just know that you now have the tools to go through them into a state of Peace, Harmony, and Balance...on all levels of your Beingness. 

   At our Center we begin with the Reiki Master Therapist Level and work with you during a period of apprenticeship while you begin to integrate your growth. During this period you learn to teach a Reiki class, how to give "booster" attunements to those who do not have Reiki for themselve (very helpful in working with clients to facilitate rapid healing), give boosters to yourself to re-energize Self when desired, to send Absentee Booster Attunements to situations and people in need (like in a disaster situation sending to the First Responder and the people involved), and how to organize the business side of a Reiki Practice. You will share the Reiki energy with people at Fairs and do demonstrations / free workshops to explain Reiki to people in your Communities...practice and get lots of feed-back. The "booster attunements" will allow a non-Reiki person to experience the energy for themselve, feel it in their own hands, for a very limited period of time. The Reiki energy is not locked into their hands. You are not teaching are sharing Reiki. 

   After working with the Reiki Master Therapist Level where you receive the Masters Symbol to work with and enjoy (for life), you will KNOW if you are to become a Reiki Master Teacher. If you feel you are called to this level of Reiki Service, then you continue and learn to give the attunements / initiations at all Levels. You continue to work with your Reiki Master Teacher and become comfortable with teaching. Your Teacher is always there for you to answer your questions and assist you if you request it. Your Teacher will also direct you into other fields of related study to enable your further growth and teaching ability. You will offer the same support to your Reiki students. You have become part of a Reiki Family.  Support is always there for you at all Levels of Reiki. 

   You will find that your relationships will change after Reiki. Two partners who both have Reiki for themselve will accelerate into a new level of closeness and harmony...families with Reiki bond together on a much deeper level. On the other hand, those with Reiki find that their relationships will change and those that no longer serve their highest good will fall away. Anticipate the new relationships that will come forth...great FUN! 

    If everyone on Planet Earth had Reiki...this would be such a wonderful place of Joy, Unconditional Love, Peace, and Harmony. Grab onto the Vision. Send Reiki energy to all Peoples and all Situations. Watch the Miracles begin...Mission Impossible...becomes Possible! 

     The Gathering Place...A Center For Wellness offers Reiki Classes...all levels... to small groups or to individuals by appointment. Free Reiki Workshops are regularly scheduled to introduce people to Reiki in a warm, loving environment. Demonstrations of the Reiki energy, hands-on, are available to individuals for the asking. The Center also offers Reiki Marathons for those individuals facing major challenges. These are two-hours in length done on a massage table and we promise a minumum of six Reiki Level II's or above to have hot Reiki hands available to work with you. Also as many other Reiki hands that wish to join in the treatment are most welcome. Envision a warm / hot Reiki blanket and you are the recepient of all that transforming energy! If you are facing a challenge and can not be here personally, then a surrogate volunteers to lay on the table in your place and the energy is sent to you Absentee. You are told of the timing so you may be in bed in a receptive mood. This is done by appointment and on a donation basis. The Center is a 501.c.3 organization. Your name is also placed into the Reiki Healing Basket here at The Gathering Place. Our Reiki Family sends energy to this Basket on a daily basis. The Basket also contains situations, relationships, goals and objectives that people wish to achieve, plus representatives of all of the Kingdoms of Mother Earth and a globe of Mother Earth HerSelf. This is our way of giving back Unconditional Love to Heal our Planet through these Timings. 

 To Contact Us: The Gathering Place...A Center For Wellness,  9996 W Hwy 50, #1180, Salida, CO 81201   Office Phone # 719-539-4561,  e-mail:  Physical location is in Poncha Springs / Upper Arkansas Valley in Colorado, the State of New Beginnings, at 7,400 feet in the clear air and in the energy of Sangre de Cristos mountains and the 14,000 foot peaks of the Continental Divide. We are home to healing hot springs, many Ashrams in Crestone, a flourishing art community in Salida and Buena Vista, fishing, hiking, river rafting and skiing. We share the area with artists, wholistic healers, and people interesting in reintegrating with the land. Overhead are eagles, hawks, geese, and all other feathered friends. The skys are clear...and if you don't like the weather...wait 15 minutes and it will change for you. A wonderful spot to vacation...and take your Reiki Training. 

 In Love & Light, 
 Elayna Kay
 Reiki Master Teacher. 

Our Center is based in Reiki - Universal Life Energy.  We are supported by your generous donations.  These allow us to offer free workshops, classes, and services to those in need of a bit of assistance.  
Thanks for your help...

Reiki Principles

Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings
Just for today, I will trust
Just for today, I will be joyful
Just for today, I will do my work honestly
Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor and every    living thing
My Personal Reiki Lineage

*Usui - Hyashi - Hawayo Takata - Virginia Samdahl - Joyce Morris - Elayna Kay (Levels I, II, and Master Therapist)
*Usui - Hyashi - Takata - Helen Haberly - Sharon Shulman - Elayna Kay (Master Teacher)

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