Most people are chronically dehydrated. As Dr. F. Batmanghelidj states in his book "Your Body's Many Cries For Water": "Since the water we drink provides for cell function and its volume requirements, the decrease in our daily water intake affects the effeciency of cell activity....As a result, chronic deydration causes symptoms that equal disease when the variety of emergency signals of dehydration are not understood.

"These chronic pains include dyspeptic pain, rheumatoid arthritis pain, anginal pain (heart pain on walking, or even at rest), migraine and hangover headaches, colitis pain and its associated constipation. The 'view shift' dictates that all pains should be treated with a regular adjustment to daily water intake. No less than two and a half quarts (two and one-half litres) in 24 hours should be taken for a few days prior to the routine and regular use of analgesics or other pain-relieving medications."

All of our bodies chemical and detoxing reactions take place in a water media. Water with its unique chemical structure is the universal solvent. There is more magic and healing power in a glass of pure, living water than any of the medications you are brain-washed into using for treatment of out-of-ease physical conditions.

How Much Water?

Many factors help determine the amount of water you require for adequate hydration: activity levels, age, sex, diet, where you live, to name a few. At the minimum your body requires six, eight-ounce glasses of water a day. You can also determine the amount of water you should drink daily by taking your weight in pounds and divide by two. Consume that amount of pure, living water per day in fluid ounces. For example, a person of 100 lbs would consume 50 fluid ounces per day. It may take up to three months to re-hydrate the body.

Remember, alcohol, coffee, tea, and caffeine-containing beverages don't generally count as water. However, there is research showing that these beverages do not increase the urine output or negatively affect the other indicators of hydration status in those that are accustomed to consuming them (Grandjean, 2000, Armstong 2000). This is good news to the elderly as these beverages add to their quality of life and can now be counted towards their daily fluid intake!

"All the symptoms of aging are in one way or another accompanied by a slow dehydration of our vital tissues associated with free radical oxidative damage." (Health Researcher, Dr. Flanagan)

Your adult body has a Total Body Water (TBW) of between 70-74% in fat-free tissue and between 10-40% in fat tissue. We begin with a much higher count; an eight pound baby has six pounds of weight as water! According to National Surveys (FNB 2004), 20-25% of daily water consumption comes from the foods we eat with 75-80% coming from the beverages we drink.

Children are at a greater risk of dehydration than adults. In infants and toddlers, the usual causes of dehydraion are vomiting and diarrhea. Symptoms of dehydration are: no tears; dry mouth, skin, and tongue; sunken eyes; and grayish skin; sunken soft spot on infants head; and decreased urination (Normal urination for an infant = wet diaper every 6 hours; toddlers = wet diapers 3x per day).

Remember Salt is Important

Salt is also an essential ingredient of the body. In their order of importance: oxygen, water, salt and potassium - these are the primary elements for the survival of the human body. The precaution to keep in mind is loss of salt from the body when water intake is increased and salt intake is not. Symptoms of a salt deficient system may include: cramps in unexercised muscles, dizziness and feeling faint. If this should occur, begin to increase your vitamins and minerals intake, including vegetables and fruits for their water-soluble vitamin and mineral content. A good rule of thumb for daily salt intake: for every ten glasses of water, one should add to the diet about half a teaspoon of salt per day ( Dr. F. Batmanghelidj)

Type of Water

Everything on our planet Earth is alive. Everything is affected by vibration and frequency. All of your Reality is created from your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. As Dr. Emoto has demonstrated with his extensive work with thoughts and words affecting the water crystal, wrong thoughts and words create an ugly crystal while loving words create beautiful crystals. Polluted waters (lakes, rivers, seas, ponds, wells) can be cleared and purified by loving words, invocations, and prayers said over them in Blessing.

You can take responsibility for your pure, living water quality by blessing your water and your food. The Native Americans have water blessing rituals - they also consumed water in small sips, no more than two or three swallows at a time, leaving five minutes between sipping. Gulping does not serve to rehydrate your cells. There has been revealed from the ancient science of Sacred Geometry a formula for blessing your food and water: 995. This special code enables you to raise the Life Force in everything you consume. Full information here.

You may also assure yourself of a safe, pure water supply by purchasing a system to purify your house drinking water. There are many on the market from a full-house system to a portable sports bottle. If you use city water, you may wish to remove the chlorine and flouride that the city uses to decontaminate the water supply. On a personal well system, you are the one responsible for checking the potablity of your supply; consider the bacteria, parasite, viruses, pesticides and heavy metals. Check a minimum of once per year. Be informed. (links to assist you are included in this site).

Every year, 18 billion pounds of new pollutants and chemicals are released by industry into the atmosphere, soil and groundwater. We must now think before we drink! Your health and well-being depend upon it.


Do You Realize How Important The Quality of Your Drinking Water Is?

...from Nicole La Voie, Sound Wave Energy.

Scientific quotes to remember about drinking water:

*Water as a solvent is the best known conductor of vibration. (Dr. Enzo Ciccolo)

* Water possesses the ability to store information that has been impressed upon it from a given vibration for long periods. (Drs. Engler and Koloschinegg, 1988)

* Even after harmful physical substances are removed, their negative energy vibrational patterns, or "signatures" still remain, which can be traced back precisely to the original substances. (Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig) (Beneviste, in "Natur-Wissen")

* Water can transfer such information from vibrational patterns, or "memory", to other systems, including living organisms. (Ludwis) (Dr. Horst Felsch)

* Revitalization of water allows a higher vibrational state to transfer, or share, its higher frequencies, which act to balance low energy and negative information. (Ciccolo)


More information on Sound Wave Energy...the charged water frequency formulas and CD's for balancing the body and emotions can be had by request. Send email to More information will be forthcoming on this site later as well as a site to further explain and to place an order. We also have information on the Berkey Water Purification System - the best our staff has found so far to deliver pure, living water for you to drink. Thanks for your patience...still in construction phase.

995 Sacred Geometry Blessing Technique

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