Trinity Meditation




Leigha's Prayer


Almighty God, Source of All that Is we gather here in this wonderful Circle, made up of those who are apparent in human body, and also those who are apparent in the multi-dimensional levels. We are so blessed and there is such great Love, Light, Joy and Peace here.


And one of our prayers is in gratitude for whatever energy it takes, whatever resources it requires to bring that Love, Light, Peace and Joy in Purity into our lives that we may shed it upon our lives, the people in our lives and make it very, very present in this world.And because I've been learning, I'm going to say that it is to flow in such beauty and wonder with such ease and effortlessness that it brings comfort in our lives, instead of disruption. And we thank you for this Grace, this Love and we dedicate it to the Glory of All of Creation.


There are those that we hold in our minds and our hearts that we lift with special concern, not the least of which, is this Planet and all who live within, upon and above her. And so in this moment of silence we are going to bring forth those for whom we bring a special caring and concern.


Thank you, for we know that it was done before we ever brought it to you, and we give you our gratitude for these gifts.




Take 3 deep breaths together, slowly, and as we do, bring in the Light and the Love and as we breathe in and as we breathe out, we will exhale the stress, the tension, the 'musts', 'have to's', all of those things that provide the boundaries of Fear in our lives.


Deep breath together. Release into the Flame of the Holy Fire, that which you are ready to release. Breathing in out, all the residuals.


Deep breath, bringing in the Violet Flame, transmuting and transforming all of life within us into the Purity of Love. Releasing that which is left, in love. Blow it out and into the Sacred Fire of All of Creation.


Now, before we take our next breath, thank and bless the gifts of Wisdom and Love and Strength from that which you have experienced up to this point. And breathe in the gift, and as you release out that who's time of service is complete.


We are grateful for the Gift of the Breath of Life. Thank you.


Now as you sit quietly in your Center, see yourself in that Point of Light in your heart, breathe in the Light to expand that Light. You may want to perceive it as a candle flame sitting in your chest and your heart space.


And with each breath it grows and becomes larger, and larger and larger, until you find you are sitting in that flame. For this filled every particle of your Being, it has expanded and filled the 'egg' of energy around you, and you are in the Light of Love, the Christ Light of this time. Allow yourself to experience the warmth, the gentle warmth, the Love, the Peace.And now, perceive that there are Lights, there are lines that go out from you in each, they form a perfect Triangle. We are going to take a few moments and spend some time with the Beings of great Light and Love who form the Triangle with you....


Now, I would like you to step into the center of the Triangle and you will find that there is a Master who steps into the place where you were standing. Feel this great field of Love, experience it, take it in, allow it to bring the gifts, and they are many. Some you will perceive, and others you will be made aware of as you go through your day to day life. But for the moment, just receive....


Now, if you will perceive, there are many Triangles, each one here is present in a Triangle of which you are now aware, allow the Triangles to come together....experience the enhancement of Love and Light by the joining of the Triangles....


And now if you will, rise above the Earth and perceive how the Triangles are forming and coming together, forming a Network all over this Planet. Know in the very knowingness of your Self how the vast numbers of Beings are coming together, those in body as you know it, and those at the various layers and levels of the Dimensions....


Celebrate your connection to All of Creation as you begin to perceive it here on this planet. In the days ahead, practice the remembrance, by breathing deeply and stepping into your triangle. In truth, you are never out of it, but if you perceive yourself as being in a different place, simply take a few deep breaths and place yourself back in your Trinities.


And remember that you are connected and that the Love, the Beauty, the Peace the miracles are all present within you and within this Network.... And as you practice this breath, this connection you will find that you will find more and more of these trinities that are present in your life. And you will assist others to identify the trinities that are present in their lives.


And as the conscious awareness spreads across this planet, the growth of the Light, the Power of the Love, being in a greater place of Peace and Joy will spread like a wildfire. Sort of a 'grass roots' effort, available to, and present in all.


For as you hold the Light within, as you are the Love manifest, and you hold it for yourself, for each other and with the other Beings of Light and Love, it spreads in a way that none can stop, that none can interfere or interrupt throughout this entire Planetary Complex and throughout All of Creation.


Now we would reveal one more point of information for you, if you would perceive it, there is a Stairway that is your stairway which you may take to go higher or lower in the Dimensional Flows. This not a lowering of vibration, it is a stepping into a place at this physical reality where instead of feel the connections solely to great Beings of Light, you may choose to pull in one or more like yourselves in physicality, to assist in connecting the Triangles, the Trinities of Light in the human form.


So take a few moments and always incorporating at least one Master or Angel. Create the Trinities with those you love, with those whom you know are calling for assistance, who are in physicality at this time. That would be taking a few steps down to be in the physicality.....


And now if you would step back to your own private, personal Stairway, we would like your to know that you can take this Stairway as high as you allow yourself to go. And what we would urge you to do at this point is to explore it for a few moments, and find the place where you feel comfortable being a Gateway or Stairway of Light and Love between the Planet and your I AM that I AM Presence.....


Now, knowing that Peace, that Calm, bring it into your awareness of your human physicality. Be fully present in your body, allowing the Light and Love to be fully embodied. Experience the body sitting upon the sofa and gradually open your eyes and be fully present in the room.


You might want to take your hands, place them together, rub them, place them over your face and breathe in, grounding yourself back into your own energies. More of who you are, fully present. Thank you.

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