Jeshua explains the July 22nd Solar Eclipse

On July 21-22, we will experience a solar eclipse. Spread over about 4 hours, beginning at around midnight GMT on the 22nd, the period of the total eclipse will be over 6 minutes in a given location and is said to be the longest of this century. is an excellent site to see how it will pass over us.

And, if you have been registered with us for a while, you will know these events (solstices, equinoxes, eclipses and full moons) are all gateways that are used to bring energy to Earth to continue the preparation for the end of 2012.

Recently, when Carolyn Evers and I were working together, the subject of this eclipse came up and Carolyn was shown a string of graduated pearls, building up to the largest central pearl and then reducing again on the other side. Accompanying this was the message that this coming eclipse was akin to the large central pearl when looking at the energy events that are preparing us for 2012.

So on July 17th, Carolyn asked for information on this event and Jeshua came forth to describe it to us. As usual, he gave us much more than detail on the event itself, adding a beautiful explanation of the dance of the planets and other heavenly bodies and of humanity as these energies flow, changing the consciousness of humanity and of individuals.

"Humans are like a radio tower. They transmit and they receive. They receive these energies from outer space and they work through the process of the physical body, through the physical/emotional field and then they transmit what they have received and imprinted on what they have received is their own point of view, their own attitudes, their thinking. They pattern their emotions on this new energy as they transmit it..."

"...And, so within the recent past there has been many extraordinary levels of energy coming to the planet interacting with the planet, and the physical body has changed greatly. And you will see that this in turn affects the experiences of humanity. There has been a desire, a growing desire for freedom. To cast off those who wish to control and these seeds are being implanted by the movement of planets and by, as I said, the conveyor belt moving between the cosmos and humanity. That has been final result of some of the previous movements on this conveyor belt..."

"...What will happen ultimately, because of this eclipse, with civilisation is that there will be a thread that will be picked up from this desire to be free on a country basis, winding up to a global basis. There will then be this great desire for personal freedom. For personal choice, which is an aspect of love, is it not?..."

"...You know this to be the ending of a cycle, that cycle that is winding down, to come to a new beginning that you are calling Ascension, that you are calling 2012. This is all part of that. It is the energy that is coming directly from your Creator and it is a very special energy on this particular eclipse..."

This is a beautiful message from Jeshua (but when are they not?) and, because of the importance of this event and the approach he asks us all to take, I have transcribed it as well as providing the recording.

To access these, please to and register for updates on any page of this site.

Enjoy this truly wondrous event and work with it as Jeshua recommends.

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser

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