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Wellness: The Right & Privilege of Everyone

Prerequisite: Your Own Free Will & Choice


"There exists in every person a place that is free from disease, that never feels pain, that cannot age or die. When you go to this place, limitations which all of us accept cease to exist. They are not even entertained as a possibility. This is the place called perfect health."

...Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D.


Today all over the World people are under constant pressure and high level Stress. There is more of an awareness and interest in maintaining good health and well-being.There is more of a concern about dis-ease and the environment in which we live. Resistance to antibiotics is increasing at the same time our immune systems are being compromised. We are seeing dis-eases that reflect this compromised state: Cancer, AIDs, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and more.

Dis-eases and symptoms are not really the problem. Your Body-Mind-Spirit Complex (YOU) is attempting to solve a problem; to get your attention. Dis-ease is your Teacher, getting your attention so you can learn and grow into your natural state of wellness. There is no such thing as a "terminal illness"...only an interesting challenge, a learning experience to accelerate your personal growth.

Wellness is a Process

We are in constant motion on the Illness / Wellness Continuum. We flow from the far end state of "Pre-Mature Death" through stages of disability with symptoms and signs to the "Neutral Point" in the middle onward through stages of Awareness, Education, and Growth into a optimal state of "High-Level Wellness"...your natural state of Being.

YOU Create All of Your Reality

We are Energy Transformers, connected with the Whole Universe. All our life processes, including illness, depend on how we manage Energy & Frequency. Life is a continual dance of Energy. You Live and have your Beingness within this Quantum Field of Energy. The NOW you live within is accelerating into a higher frequency / vibration. NOW is the time in which to withdraw all old energy patterns from choices that no longer serve you. Go to your personal healing inner counsel, invoke their help, and then invoke a "Hand of Light" and charge it to "Please Remove ....(state the energy pattern)" and visulize this "Hand of Light" going into your Crown Chakra (top of head) and gathering up all the old, misqualified energy that you are commanding to be removed. Like sticky bubble-gum, it winds up into the "Hand of Light"; then see it all coming back out your Crown, and the "Hand of Light" throws in all to the floor where it bursts into Light and returns to the Quantum Field. You Create All of Your Own Reality...with your Thoughts, Words, Emotions, and Actions. Since YOU Created Reality...You can change it. Make another choice! Remember: the most powerful words given to us for manifestation are "I AM". Anything that follows the declaration of your I AM PRESENCE must, by Law, manifest! If you catch yourself mis-creating, then say, "cancel, cancel, cancel" to remove the unwanted energy pattern from your creative consciousness. Then restate your intented creation: I AM _______________. So Be It; and So It Is!

Moving in the Quantum Field


Be Aware within your Life Processes. Examine your Life.

Educate yourself - Explore your options - Look within.

Dare to Grow - try out the alternative and new options you have found.

Continually Re-Evaluate your position on the Wellness Continuum and re-apply the steps above.


Are You Ready to Feel Good?

Are You Ready to Re-Empower YourSelf

Take Back the Power of Your Own Life - NOW!

Explore the Quantum Energy Field & The Higher Frequencies

Take Charge of Your Life - NOW!


Integrative Wholistic Wellness Consultations

Who Are You??? Graphoanalysis /Handwriting Analysis to assist you in understanding Self and providing tools to help you in moving forward into a state of Wellness. Includes Graphotherapeutics. Submit 2 pages of your handwriting on unlined paper - write about anything that is of interest to you - and then sign the last page. Include your sex (male/female), your date of birth, and which hand you write with. Send via snail-mail to:

The Phoenix Nest, 224 W. Rainbow Blvd. #209, Salida, CO 81201

(include your email address so the report can be mailed back to you)

...Are You Challenged by an 'Out-of-Ease' Body Discomfort?

You are a Body-Mind-Spirit wonderfully intricate person. All of 'You' operates on frequency - different rates of vibration. Each organ, each cell, each bacteria and virus have a unique vibrational signature. We become ill when these frequencies are out-of-balance. We even eventually manifest what is called 'Transformative Illness Patterns' when we ignore the inner nudges to make changes in our lives. These nudges become the 2x4's when we do not address the underlying issues (think cancer, auto-immune diseases, emotional issues, etc.). You can return to harmony and balance by addressing these frequency issues. To learn more about your personal body frequency type and its requirements and challenges, please send a recent picture of yourself (or person wishing to understand themselves more fully) with full name to The Phoenix Nest Wellness Center @ Consultations & Balancing Sessions are available both in-house & on-line.

Reiki Balancing & Body Harmonizing Sessions: this is a 1.5 hour, hands-on session that assists your Body-Mind-Spirit to return to its natural state of wellness and harmony. May also be done on an absentee basis. Send full name and picture to Session = $65

 Reiki Marathon Sessions-two hours- to assist in major wellness/health challenges (cancer, AIDs, immune system crashes, etc.) Can be done absentee as well as at The Center. If done absentee, then include your email address or phone # so we can schedule a convenient time for the session. Session = $95 suggested donation

Animal Communications: Does your favorite "friend-in-fur" have an 'out-of-ease' situation that you are wanting to understand...but you just can't quite receive the message that your friend is trying to send to you? Have our animal communicator talk with your friend and clarify the issue for you both. Send a picture of your friend, a brief description of the issue if you know it, and your phone # and email. Session = $40

Discover Your Individual Body-Type

Are you seeking optimal health and balance in your life and relationships? Ever wonder why the diet that works so well for your friend doesn't work for you? Because you have one of 25 different body types with unique needs. Now, discover your body type and regain control of your health and wellness. Knowing your specific Type is the Key to your nutritional balance. This work goes way beyond The Zone or the Blood Type Diets. Combine that with a complete "dowsing-for health" and personal /emotional release work-up and begin your Life as you were designed to live it. Please send a recent picture of yourself (or person wishing to understand themselves more fully) with full name to The Phoenix Nest Wellness Center email:


Meditation & Mindful Living Helps Sleep Disturbance, Cuts Fatigue, Depression and Increases Attention

Older adults who follow a mindful meditation & awareness program have improved sleep quality as well as less daytime fatigue and depression according to new research. The research looking at outcomes associated with Mindfulness Practices have demonstrated decreased anxiety, improved immune function, better emotional regulation, enhanced empathy, increased feelings of happiness and contentment, decreased stress effects, and relapse prevention for depression.

The new Earth energies / frequencies that we are currently living within are challenging to our bodies and emotions. Becoming aware of these symptoms and reactions is important to your health & wellness. Learn how you can cope with these many changes.

"Mindful living is the highest form of human intellegence...that will make your life joyful, creative, and healthy." - Deepark Chopra, MD, New York Times best-selling author of Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul.

To explore these practices in private sessions, please call Elayna, Integrative Wellness Consultant @ 719-539-4561 or contact by email

 Mindfulness - Engaging Your Unentangled Participation in Your Wellness

Sue Smalley, PhD describes how when you practice mindfulness you learn to relate to your thoughts and feelings and bodily sensations differently.


Fall Special:: The full body-type & frequency work-up with the dowsing-for-health evaluation

Regular Price = $95

Now - for the Fall Season, Receive a 15% Discount - mention promo code LG-917 & only pay $80.75

* Included as an extra bonus: Distance Reiki Harmonizing & Balancing Sessions sent on a daily basis


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Dare to Explore the Quantum Field

Dare to Accept the Responsiblity that YOU CREATE ALL OF YOUR OWN REALITY - OUT OF YOUR THOUGHTS,


Your Natural State of BEING is:


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Due to Circumstances Beyond My Control

I AM Master of My Fate

& Captain of My Soul


The information contained here is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional or your regular doctor before making any changes.


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