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In the conventional animal health industry, the fact that parasites (worms, heartworm, fleas, ticks, flies, giardia) will attach themselves to a sick animal before they will attach to a healthy animal, is hardly ever made known to the pet loving public.


Why not? Because the chemicals that conventional veterinarian medicine recommends to treat for parasites makes the pet even sicker. The side effects are so bad that in many cases, pets actually die within days of receiving these lethal doses of chemicals prescribed to kill a little bitty parasite.


Other side effects, written right in the PDR (Physicians Daily Reference that detail every drug any of the pharmaceutical companies manufacture) include:liver damage, kidney damage, hair loss, seizures,instability in walking and many more.


Question..........does your pet need to be poisoned just to kill a little parasite that could be removed without any of these dangerous side effects listed above? Especially when it is a known fact that there are a whole variety of Mother Nature's remedies that were placed on this Earth by the Creator to keep His little animals free of parasites if only "man" was intelligent enough to discover them.


Thankfully, the developers of Pet Medicine Chest had the desire and ability and intellect to formulate remedies that have been shown to work for almost fifty years. Organic farmers have used the same remedies for over seventy-five years. There is absolutely no need to poison any animal.


How our remedies work is to add Worm-Out powder to your pet's food for 30 straight days. The worms (even heartworms) will eat some of this and a natural chemical reaction occurs in their gut to mess up their system. Eventually the dead worm will pass from your pet's system which you may observe in its bowel movements.


To quicken this natural removal process, we recommend you add Parastem to your pet's water. This natural herbal tincture forces the parasite (any parasite including one celled parasites like giardia and other protozoa) to loosen its grip on the tissues of the body. Once its grip has been altered, then the body will flush the parasite from the system via the blood, the mucus, the urine and/or the feces.


If you are observant of what is happening with and to your pet's body, you might see odd looking critters on the floors around your house. These parasitic critters will die because they no longer have a source of food or energy now that your pet's body has flushed them.


That's what parasites do--they suck the life blood out of your pet and excrete toxic poisons within your pet's body possibly causing future cancer, diabetes, poor nutritional uptake and other chronic debilitating health problems.


Guess what----that is exactly what happens to humans too. Dr. Hilda Clark has written about parasites causing cancer in people. You might want to read about this with one of her books that you can get from AOL.


Our remedies are safe for your pet--any breed, any size, any species. Our remedies can help control fly problems because the powder is in the feces, fly larvae will eat the powder and will die before they even become a flying fly.


So, if your pet is loaded with parasites, then we recommend you do two things:


1. Get going on safe parasite control immediately.


2. Get going on building your pet's immune system and building a healthy body with good fresh food and our remedies that are specific to helping rebuild and keep a pet healthy.

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