An ancient analytical system of applying number symbols to vibrations and energies found in the birth name and birth date. Through analyzing the cycles and patterns found there-in, major pieces of information can be determined concerning the souls energy, life patterns and major challenges of this incarnation. Numerology is very practical as well as esoteric.

Numbers, numerology, vibration, transition, and where to go. ... or WHERE should I move to? ...Reshel through Pat Crosby

Today, we are going to discuss the science of vibration, numbers, numerology as it relates to the process of rapid transition that is underway on your planet, and the very common question - as old structures break down and new ones are creating - WHERE should I go? WHERE should I live?


As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Everything on earth is defined by a numerical configuration. All life can be reduced and explained by numbers. The currents of these numerical sequences bring into alignment a series of new understandings that will help to adjust and balance every human.


September is the time that yesterdays thinking is over with and a new thought is emerging from deep inside of your psyche. Rightfully so, because September that vibrates to the number 9, is a time to let go of old out-dated thinking. This month is the perfect time to let go of past feelings about yourself, your life and the way you relate to others. Let go of unwanted habitual responses to outward influences and find a different way of handling how you react to other people and situations. Think new, feel renewed and look for the unexpected.

9/9/2007 = 9 9/18/2007=9 9/27/2007= 9

With the Arrival of the "Nine-Gate" shown above, the Universes of Our Perception are properly and thoroughly embodying this concept of "Endings and New Beginnings," which the number 9 implies

"Number One"

"I'll do it myself." "I don't need to take advice from anyone." These are phrases many a parent and loved one alike have heard echoing through the chambers of our inner ears.

As a numerologer, my first thought would be, "'Ah, this feisty individual must have a birthday number that reduces to the number 1 "

Numerology, as an ancient science, gives very precise clues to the characteristics, behaviors and energies that are symbolically represented by the digits 1-9. Therefore, any individuals having a birthday on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of the month reduces to the number one, and all exhibit very similar characteristics. Although these tendencies are most intense between the ages of 30-60, parents also observe them in their children who are born in the months of January or October.

Parents will find these youngsters very independent and willful. These children will want to make the rules, not follow them. An entreprenenial spirit will show itself. The energy of the number one is mental and children of this birth number will frequently become mentally bored, thus creating behavioral problems. During the flrst 30 years of life, these youths should be traveling, working, living independently and not marrying as they need to be living as a one.

In general, all number one birthday people exhibit traits of courage, determination, and self-confidence They are very future-oriented and do not accept defeat Affection is felt but not easily shown Waiting for the approval of others is not in their make-up, Filled with charisma, leadership and magnetic personality, they find joy in living on the cutting edge This Yang personality does best when self-employed or in management positions.

The planet Sun rules the number one so that during July 21--August 28 (sign of LEO ruled by Sun) and March 21-April 28 (Spring Equinox)t he qualities of these birthday people intensifies.

Sometimes, the number one individual goes "out of balance" and exhibits behaviors that are very critical of others, argumentative, brags, is self-centered, appears ego-driven and is not conversational unless it serves his own self-seeking ambition. Silence is frequently used as a weapon, distancing him from others he does not wish to work with.

Number one people get along wel1 with anyone whose birthdays reduce to the single digits 2,4, and 7. Sunday and Monday are his lucky days and on those days he should wear any shade of gold, yellow, bronze, and dress up his apparel with jewelry of topaz, amber, or diamonds.

Warriors on horseback is the image of the number one individual and "Follow me!" is his cry. Interestingly, even if you don't follow, it is still okay with the number one as he would consider it all excess baggage that would slow him down on his charge through life.

Elizabeth Summers is a Professional Numerologer whose passion is the world of numbers. Through translating the vibrational behaviors of numbers found in one's birth name and birthdate patterns, cycles and symbols are found. A psychological as well as spiritual interpretation is offered.

Her experience includes a widely diversified background in the fields of teaching, business, numerology and numerolinguistics to professional writing, lecturing and counseling. Articles on the practical interpretation of number vibrations have been published on the internet as well as in independent papers in California and Colorado.

Practicing and studying the language of numbers since 1988 Elizabeth Summers brings humor, depth of knowledge and spiritual insights to her readings, lectures and workshops.

Call for your appointment at 719-634-4496 or print the form, fill out and mail order form with your check. Nothing is computerized. Your reading is like having a private "in- person reading".

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