Are You Ready For The New Earth Coming Soon?

New information from Dolores Cannon

by Craig Howell


When John The Revelator wrote about seeing a "new heaven and a new earth" in his visions 2,000 years ago, he may have witnessed an occurrence that we will be experiencing shortly, according to the information that Dolores Cannon received through her hypnotherapy subjects' higher self while they were in trance.


In book two of The Convoluted Universe series, Dolores again comes out with more fascinating material about the workings of the spirit world, our souls, and all the dimensions that are constantly endeavoring to uplift the earth while we mortals trudge our way through our everyday lives, mostly unaware.


According to the information, the earth has had a long history of rising and falling civilizations, every one of them having a guiding hand from the higher planes of the spirit world. The original idea was to spiritualize matter in a great experiment, but it turned out that this was not as easy as it looked from the spirit side. Man became entangled with the lower energies of ego, greed and control, creating the necessity for the cycles of rebirth to come back and "get it right." Yet still, after eons of karma and rebirth, things haven't changed that much. So a new plan was needed.


It seems like the third dimension is a tricky energetic to negotiate. One of her subjects called the energy akin to "flypaper," as in so sticky that it is virtually impossible to free yourself from without a gargantuan personal effort, or with the help of others. Another thing is that we can only hold so much energy and still be in a physical body. We can only know so much or be aware of our soul's power and abilities to a certain degree while in a physical body in the third dimension. Indeed, only a portion of our soul can incarnate into the body or it would overload the human form. So the higher realms decided if we can't go through it, then we just have to go over it.


This is not just for the earth, but for the whole galaxy - this is a huge cosmic event. All things are connected, and the push has come from the Creator to move forward. The new plan is to step up the earth's vibratory rate steadily over time, allowing humans to acclimate to it, shifting the DNA to include more strands. This will allow much more access to help from the spirit side, getting and retaining needed information, stepping up of psychic powers to help us be in the right place at the right time, and the re-acquiring of abilities that we had developed in past lives that will be of great value to us and to others as we progress through this time period. It will also help heal the body of the toxins and pollution that are so prevalent on the earth now, and which have been gradually changing our genetics.


By 2012 we will have reached what they are calling a "cut off" point. This sounds ominous, but what they are saying is that those who have not made a choice to live in love with peace in their hearts, those who can not or will not be open to learning and growing spiritually will be sent on a different soul path on the old earth where they can incarnate again. So where will the rest of us be? On the new earth.


By around 2023, the DNA stranding should be complete and we will be ready for the transition. Supposedly this will be accomplished after we are asleep and are put in stasis. Then when we awaken, it will seem as though we are in the same place, the same world, but it soon becomes apparent that it is like the old world, but actually a higher dimensional earth. There will be a vibrancy of color, a clearness, and the earth will be pristine again. This is not death, but a physicality in a higher dimensional form; a stronger, lighter, even younger, body. As the change is completed, most will know that something has happened, they just won't know exactly what, because it was done on a soul level so as not to cause a major conscious disruption in our lives.


At this point, because of the DNA being altered and repaired, we will then, at last, be able to fully integrate and balance the male and female energies so that both are working together, bringing perfection in the body and for the planet. This will also be a place where there is no karma. So those souls that could not make it through will have to return to another sphere and keep cycling until they can be reborn on the new earth.


Right now, the people that are staying must hold the light until the change is complete. They will be undergoing testing to see if they can remain objective and apart from becoming emotionally involved in the face of negativity or disaster, and to see how firm the commitment is - how willing they are to serve the whole race. The challenge now is to not get caught up with what is happening (or going to happen) with the earth and its inhabitants, as this would pull a person back into the third dimension. What we focus on increases.


If this is true, we are coming to the conclusion of a grand experiment started so long ago with the highest of hopes and the strongest spiritual intention. We are living it now. We are on the verge of becoming what we could only have dreamed of being before this time - a spirit that is truly connected to the body, to the mind, to the earth, and to all other life forms everywhere. The push is on, the call has come to advance and the Universe awaits your decision.


Dolores Cannon is a hypnotherapist specializing in past-life regression therapy. She is the owner of Ozark Mountain publishing ( and the author of many books relating the truth, as spirit brings it to her through her hypnosis subjects.

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