Peter Sterling - Etherial Harp Magic

Award winning harpist/composer Peter Sterling's unique blend of ethereal harp sounds and earthy exotic rhythms creates a true fusion of heaven and earth.  You are likely to be transported into another space and time through the celestial sounds of the harp, and you can expect to be moved and inspired by the magical journey Peter takes you on through the story of his encounter with the angels. 

Amy Williams, Vocalist: Voices From The Temple Within

Contemporary church singer Amy Williams projects a distinctly Talmudic spirit in some of the selections on this large, nearly 60-minute set, recorded at her Lincoln, Nebraska studio. One other track features a Native American slant. Williams, whose voice has a remarkable range, notes that "This album is about one woman's search for and dedication to her own divinity," and mentions that most of the songs began as chants of inner healing. She warns that listening to these songs could induce out-of-body experiences. Nevertheless, despite the tone of the jacket cover, this is decidedly not cosmic, Atlantean, or "space" music, but instead down-to-earth songs for reaching "deeper toward your own core." (Tr-Muse Records CD 1002)


Elivia Melodey's Crystal Vibrations: Journey To Wholeness

Relax, get comfortable and enjoy the inspired music from the Great Beings of Light through the Singing Crystal Bowls. This music will carry you into a deeply meditative state, bringing wholeness and healing on all levels. It begins with an opening track which is a journey through the chakras With the low soothing tones of the bowls you are transported through each individual chakra bringing balance, harmony, and peace. All energy centers are aligned and you find youself in a highly relaxed state of mind. The other four songs connect you with the Universal Healers, the gardeners of the planet, your angelic heralds, and connect Heaven to Earth and the body, mind and Spirit. In the title song, Journey To Wholeness, you are awaken as a living Spiritual Being in a physical body, surrendering to your unique Soul's path toward enlightenment.

Dancing in the Light,

Star bright, mossy toes,

Connecting Heavens to Earth and Light to Dark,

Night skies to Earth embers.

...Crystal bowl friends

ASIN: 0082822121. by Elivia Melodey's Crystal Vibrations. Distributed by New Leaf, DeVorss, Crysal Tones,, and


Ed Gerhard: House Of Guitars

Take a nostolgic journey back through time. Remember when you first picked up a cheap, used guitar and plunked out your first song. Names like Harmony, Oahu, Silvertone, Danelectro, Framus, and Kay are guitars that Ed grew up playing. They were his confidants and companions for life, or until he could afford something better. Now share with him these old friends, just as they used to sound (and still do), as you take a trip through time. Remember songs like Promised Land, Let It Be Me, and I Just Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes as you remember enjoying them with all the slides, pick hisses, and rattles. A wonderful album.

Virture Records: &

Scott Hartley: Ancestral Crossing

Many feel the urge to "get back to their roots" and explore their ancestral beginnings. Scott shares with you his celebration of life and adventure through a unique musical landscape. His beginning piece with the thrill of seeing the vision of your westward journey become reality...the violin soars and captures the electricity in the air. The wonderful peace of arrival on the new earth signals the new beginning of life in your new land. Using combinations of piano, keyboards, violin, cello, flute, penny whistle, recorder, guitar, and saxopone Scott leads his listener through "Legends of Rain", the "Heartland" of the USA, the Tribal lands, and finally into the West where the land feels free and gives forth energy. This is "home" for Scott. Throughout the 14 pieces of the Journey one is sure to touch that special place in your heart.

First Light Music

Esteban Ramirez: Welcome Home...Romantic Solo Piano

Do you enjoy piano? In his second album Esteban blends his main influences of church hymns and classical music into a strong, individualized statement of calm, soothing, yet soft melodys. You can feel the celebration of Life as you close your eyes and let the warm piano tones wash over and unruffle your soul. A wonderful duo of cello and piano grace four of the songs and the final offering of the classic "Over The Rainbow" just stirs up the longing to return to that place of personal safety and warmth. Esteban's "Wings of an Angel" is music for "that transition between life and death when a person crosses the threshold into afterlife." So...lean back in your favorite chair and let this wonderful music wash over you and bring you peace.

Descanso Music @

Annie Humphrey, vocals: The Heron Smiled

There's one big problem with protest songs...they seldom make for good entertainment. And there's a problem with someone who sings mostly in a music, it's not very interesting. But now that those aspects of Ojibwa tribeswoman Annie Humphrey's songs have been duly noted, other good things can be pointed out about Humphrey's CD on the Makoxhe label from Bismarck, North Dakota...the lyrics. They are poetry, after the fashion of Bob Dylan in his early Greenwich Village coffee house years. They run the gamut from romantic love and personal relationships to myths and legends about "spirit horses" in the sky, and the people who are strong enough to ride them, to the aforementioned rotest, justifiable if somewhat tedious outrage against what's been done to Humphrey's people, and all the other Native Americans, by invaders beginning with the conquistadors from Spain and leading up to logging and mining companies and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Humprey's emphais recalls the work of her Cree predecessor Buffy Ste. Marie, who also strove to interest her listeners in the depths and mysteries of the aboriginal North American soul. Humphrey, on guitar and piano, is helped on the album by John Trudell, poet, teacher, and Native American political activist.

Makoche MMO 168D

Dean Evenson, Li Xiangting: Tao of Healing

The Chinese word tao is translated as "the way," or "the path." This quiet, reverberating music is designed to aid the listener in finding a way toward healing (a warning is included on the label to see a physician if one is actually ill). After playing an impromptu duet of flute and guqin when they first met, Dean Evenson and Professor Li Xiangting have put together an album of such music for meditation, aided by Scott Huckabay on guitar. Evenson has had a long career as a flutist and deyboard instrumentalist in the West. Li Xianting, who teaches at Beifing's Central Conservatory of Music, is an acknowledged world master of the ancient seven-stringed guqin, similar to the zither. In order to enhance a state of deep relaxation, the Earth Resonance Frequency of 7.8 hertz has been blended within the mix of music and natural sounds. "Theis natural frequency of the planet's ionosphere," says an accompanying note, "supports relaxation, meditation, and 'superlearning.' The brain is assisted in reaching alpha state under the influence of this frequency." However, not only is this excellent meditation music, it is also quite entertaining purely as music, even for listeners who might not be ready to get into serious meditation.

Soundings of the Planet SP-7180



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