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Endowment Fund

The library's Board of Trustees began the endowment fund in 2008 with the express purpose of investing and protecting the principal of designated gifts and thereby producing earnings that will support library needs and projects. Only the earnings from investments may be spent.


How to give to the Endowment Fund

People may be reluctant to give to an organization's general fund any of the wealth they have spent a lifetime accumulating.

The Endowment Fund is the perfect option. It is a separate fund created by resolution to receive sustaining gifts that will be used for investments to generate income for the library. The principal of the gifts may not be spent.

The Endowment Fund can receive outright gifts, marketable securities, bequests designated in your will, real property.

Also, there may be a Planned Giving option that can save you or your heirs taxes while providing for a gift to the library endowment fund. Speak with your estate planner or legal advisor to see if your circumstances can be improved this way.

Please see Director Jessica C. Saunders if you have questions or wish to make a gift to the endowment.


Resolution 2008-01

Resolution to establish an endowment fund

Resolution establishing a new fund for the Gathering Place - A Center For Wellness Reference Library for the purpose of receiving gifts, to be managed for the preservation of capital and production of earnings to be used for library purposes identified by the library board and the library director.

Whereas, the Board of Trustees of the Gathering PlaceA Center For Wellness Reference Library is charged with the management and control of the library, and;

Whereas, the responsibility for the management of the library includes securing its funding from grants and other sources, and;

Whereas, the powers and duties of the board include the power to "accept such gifts of money or property for library / educational purposes as it deems expedient," and;

Whereas, the board perceives a need for a fund for the purposes of receiving gifts designated for investment and investing those gifts for long-term benefit to the library;

Now therefore be it resolved by the Board of Trustees of the Gathering Place - A Center For Wellness Reference Library that: (i) a fund called the Gathering Place - A Center For Wellness Reference Library Endowment Fund shall be established to receive gifts designated by donors or the Board of Trustees, and (ii) the purpose of the fund shall be to generate income from investment of the fund to be used for immediate library purposes, or for the growth of the fund, as designated by the Board of Trustees, and (iii) this fund shall be managed by the Board of Trustees and invested according to Colorado state law.


Library History

The Gathering PlaceA Center For Wellness Reference Library is operated by Gathering PlaceA Center For Wellness, a Colorado non-profit corporation, a USA tax-exempt (501.c.3) organization, which writes grants, accepts donations, and participates in other fundraising activities to support the library.

In 1992, four women formed The Gathering Place - A Center For Wellness, which had among its educational objectives the formation of a Reference library. The library grew from the private library collections of the founding Directors, Jessica C. Saunders - Lotus Library, and Elayna Kay Wilson. It has received donations of books from the Salida Regional Library and private donors.

In June 2007, land was acquired north of Salida, Colorado on which to construct the Library facility. Grants and donations are being sought to begin construction of the physical structures.


The Library Today:

The library currently has limited availability until a building is constructed to display the books. The Gathering Place Magazine and Reference Guide is available 24 hours a day at home via the Internet.

The Gathering Place - A Center For Wellness Reference Library

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By Appointment

Director: Jessica C. Saunders


Board of Trustees 2008

Elayna Kay Wilson, President

Jessica C. Saunders, Vice-President

Jeannine Pelletier, Secretary

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