Rediscover Lemon!


The month of March, 2009 is all about bringing back the uplifting, fresh scent of lemon! You'll never run out of ways to use this multipurpose essential oil, from cooking and cleaning to creating a fresh atmosphere in your home.

Whether you want to enjoy lemon's warm, aromatic tones, need an all-natural boost to your complexion, or want to add some zest to your recipes, here are some easy ways to incorporate lemon into your daily routine:

· When diffusing stronger-smelling oils, try adding a touch of lemon to freshen the aroma.

· Diffuse lemon from a tissue or Young Living diffuser for a boost to the emotions, or the help promote mental clarity.

· Try adding lemon to a variety of beverages as a natural flavor enhancer.

· Use lemon to spot clean everything from household surfaces to skin.

· Diffuse as an air deodorizer and freshener.

· Add 5 drops of lemon oils and 2 drops of peppermint essential oil to 1 cup of pure water, shake and spray for freshening.

· Add lemon to foods like vinaigrettes and sorbets for additional flavor and gentle internal cleansing.

Lemon is so versatile that you'll quickly find you can't go a day without it! You'll find this powerful Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oil in a variety of popular products:

· Thieves® line of products

· NingXia Red®

· Joy essential oil blend

· Gentle Baby essential oil blend

· Citrus Fresh essential oil blend

Did you know

· The naturally-occurring chemicals that give lemon its many benefits are d-limonene and citral.

· Lemon essential oil isn't distilled, but is instead cold pressed from the lemon rind.

· Lemon removes excess sebum and oils from the skin, making it wonderful for unclogging pores.

· Some ideal companion oils to lemon include frankincense, peppermint, sandalwood, and ylang ylang.

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