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Heart Activation & Crystal Mountain Meditation

April 2002

by Louise, Lord Michael and Jock


The Story


Over the last seven months we have been traveling the southwest doing Heart Activation Meditations and Darshan events with Lord Michael. We did these in Durango several times, Albuquerque three times, Las Cruces, Tucson, Costa Mesa, and Pagosa Springs. We have worked with approximately 300 people over the last several months. Lord Michael continues to stress to us the importance of activating the soul blue print in our Hearts. He mentioned to us he wanted to do an audio tape for this meditation, but for some reason we weren't being guided to produce it over the last couple of months.


In April Lord Michael asked to do two very special events based on information he wanted to bring through on the Crystal Mountains. He did these events in Durango, and Pagosa Springs. Due to our location we are very near some of the Crystal Mountains. The akashic records have been transferred to the crystalline structures in the mountains in several locations throughout the world. Lord Michael refers you to the Kyron information to learn more about the shift from the magnetic grids to the crystalline grids. The Crystal Mountains now store the akashic records, and when you access them through your Heart it gives you the ability to access your own information to receive the truth of yourself. The old method of accessing the akashic records through psychic means is still available, but most people do not have these skills developed and have relied on psychics to help them access those records. Now those records are much more accessible to you, through your own Heart.


On Easter Sunday, Lord Michael guided us to do the Heart Activation meditation tape and he included the access to the Crystal Mountains as well as some narrative by him. He said it was important to record this tape when the thought form of the resurrection was the strongest on the planet, and that the resurrection was the precursor to the ascension that we are currently in the process of. What amazed us when we checked the recorded time on the tape after the event; it was exactly 33 minutes long. I knew 33 was a special number. The Melchizedek Method Level 1 book on page 14 provides the following explanation. "Jesus called down his higher Body of Light in the presence of his initiated disciples and became the synthesis of the thirty-two chemical building blocks of intelligence within the Mystery of the Logos, seen as the Lak Boymer, the Pillar of Light which called down the Christ Body of Light through the "thirty third" degree to inhabit the Jesus Body." In other words the number 33 represents the Christ Body. As we also know Christ is associated with the Sacred Heart, and thus the connection to Lord Michael's heart activation meditations. I am always amazed at how spirit creates these incredible "coincidences":). We are in the process of mass producing these tapes and will have them available soon. If you are interested in ordering one, please see the end of this bulletin for further information.


During the last two events on the Crystal Mountains Lord Michael have taken people through the Heart Activation Meditation and Crystal Mountain access. We have transcribed the information directly, and combined the best of both events so that we could put it in your hands. If you want to order one of the tapes where the discourse was given we would recommend the one in Durango. See the end of this Bulletin for ordering instructions. We will also post this Heart Activation Meditation with Crystal Mountain access on the web site within this next week,


This bulletin is a little lengthier than usual, but we decided to distribute the meditation so it was easy for you to read and to pass on to others. But before we get there, I want to share additional information that I find pretty interesting.


The Big Picture Indicates A Trend Towards Heart


What I have found very fascinating over the last seven months, and even just this week, is that the energy has started to pick up speed towards bringing out Heart type information. Linda Dillon, a channel for the Council of Love provided a great article on Archangel Gabrielle Rain of Gold that talks about connecting in with the heart back in September last year. The article went on to say that we could now access our soul blue prints that had been fully downloaded. It was in October that Lord Michael started to do the Heart Activations. I had not read the article until February this year, but it gave me chills to see how it was all connecting together.


Other spiritual leaders such as Greg Bradden has talked about the compassionate heart for several years Drunvalo Melchizedek was talking at the Prophet's conference in December about connecting into the heart and now offers a workshop called Living In Heart. Just this week James Twyman put out an email from the psychic children and they plan to offer a free course. Here is the message he sent "One of the main gifts of the Psychic Children is their ability to communicate with one another wherever they may be on the planet, linking their minds into a field of consciousness they call "The Web." They say that they are able to send messages to the other children who are psychically open, all of them working together to heal and bring peace. Some of the children who spoke at the conference in Hawaii mentioned this, and how important it is that we, the adults, ultimately learn to do the same. They say that there is a way for us to be aware of the "essence" of each other, and to communicate on a higher plane where language and symbols are not as important. It is the beginning, they say, of a new language, the language of the heart and soul. Until now the information of how this occurs and how we can learn this skill has been unavailable. That has now changed. Here is a hint about the power and importance of this information. It is called: "The Sacred Heart Meditation." if you have ever seen pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, he is always pictured with a flame above the heart. This is sometimes called, "The Heart above the Heart." This is where our work begins."


So, from our perspective we are seeing a lot of movement toward the path of the Heart and more information comes in daily from a variety of sources. We are all here to play our part and we feel blessed to be a part of the Heart movement, it is our path and our joy. We contribute Lord Michael's Heart Activation Meditation and Crystal Mountain Access to you from our Heart's.



Louise, Jock & Lord Michael


Heart Activation Meditation With Crystal Mountain Access

April 2003


The Akashic records have been reorganized and transferred to the Crystal Mountain Libraries.


You may now access these records through the following two processes.


Start by invoking Lord Michael and requesting that he assist with the process.


Next start with a Heart Activation meditation.


The "heart activation" activates the flame and your soul blueprint that resides in your heart chakra. There are flames in all your chakras but your heart chakra is particularly important because it brings together all four of your bodies, your mental body, your physical body, your emotional body, and your spiritual body. When you are doing the heart activation you are basically feeding your heart chakra unconditional love from your higher self. The heart activation acts like a clearing because it allows you to transmute any negative energy in the body.


The Heart Activation

Ground from your first chakra to the center of the planet, just imagine a cord or tube from the base of your spine to the center of the planet. Next imagine a light tube that connects your heart charka up to your higher self and to the Christ grids. Just postulate that the connection gets made and it is so. Relax and get into that really nice state of being.


Put your right hand over your heart chakra that is located in the center of your chest. (If you are left handed you can use your left hand. If you have any jewelry in the heart area, move it out of the way.) Open the chakra in the palm of your hand, the charka "looks" like and old fashioned camera shutter, just imagine it to be open.


On the in-breath bring in the Prana breath from your higher self through the light tube into your lungs. On the out-breath bring the Prana breath from the lungs through the arm and through your hand chakra into your heart chakra. Repeat this as long as you like or feel comfortable, but do the process at least three times. You will notice your chest getting warm and if you can "see" you will "see" the flame in your heart chakra getting bigger. There is a color to the flame in your heart chakra that can give you information as to what you are working on in relation to the different color rays.

You can do the heart charka meditation to help clear negative energy, and get you more connected with love. You don't need to continue with the Crystal Mountain activation. If you are interested in connecting in with your own information, do the next steps.


Crystal Mountain Access


You must do the Heart Activation mediation first before connecting yourself to the Crystal Mountains.


Imagine a mountain that looks like a mountain that you would believe would be a crystal mountain. When you say Crystal Mountain what does that mountain look like? Put that picture in your heart so you carry the crystal mountain picture in your heart, not in your head. Now pick a password or phrase that means to you -"Love". That vibrates in unconditional love. "I Love you." could work. It is best not to use the name of a person because how we love each other is not necessarily in an unconditional vibration. A word or phrase that denotes a feeling you have in your body of Love, especially how you imagine unconditional love feels. It could be a flower, a food, a dolphin... This will set the energy for the crystal mountain in Love.


Make the request for connection.


" I would like to connect in to the 'Crystal Mountain' through the vibration of Love so that I may find the truth of my self."


Ask a question from your heart and see how the information comes through.


You can ask for information from a particular life. You can ask about something that is bothering you right now and ask for context.


You may notice that your chest is getting warm indicating that the information is coming to you.


When you get your answer say, "Thank You."


Some times the question requires such a large down load and it can take up to a few days.


Eventually you will get an answer that "feels" right.


The spiritual plane and the physical plane are co-creating this together. If you have any difficulty or suggestions please call on Lord Michael and talk to him with your mind. He can hear you even if you cannot hear him.


Staying connected or disconnecting.


You can stay connected this way and your heart will be in active mode in terms of bringing in your own information. If it becomes too overwhelming or you need a break. Just request to be "disconnected" and it will happen. To reconnect go back through the heart activation and then the crystal mountain access activation.


Give Us Feedback


Being able to connect into the Crystal Mountains is a new process and opportunity. The unseen is still working out the details and you working with them trying it out helps give them feedback. Let them know how it is working. We also like hearing the stories, so contact Louise at if you feel you want to share your experience.


Share This With A Friend


We invite you to share all this information with a friend. We maintain the copyright just so we can maintain the rights to the publishing of this information. Also, please send all the information in its entirely so no mistakes transpire. We ask the information is not published for resale without express written permission.


How To Order Tapes

The Lord Michael Easter Sunday Heart Activation and Crystal Mountain Access audio tapes are available for $12 plus $3 for shipping and handling. Send me an email to order and drop a check in the mail made out to Louise Garnett, 361 County Road 219, Durango, CO 81303.


The Lord Michael discourse evenings in Pagosa Springs and Durango where he spoke about the Crystal Mountains are also available. We would recommend the Durango tape in particular.Ordering and pricing for these tapes is the same as above.


Source: Light Hearted Spirit Bulletin

Volume 1 Issue 3 April 26, 2003


© 2003 Light Hearted Spirit, all rights reserved.

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