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Right now, you can download Firetalk software absolutely free at


Firetalk is the best online communication software available today and it's revolutionizing the Internet. Firetalk combines all of your voice and text communication needs into one powerful application.


* Free worldwide calls. Call any other Firetalk user, anywhere, anytime -

domestic or international.


* Free conference calling. Click on the names of up to 100 other Firetalk

users and instantly talk to them.


* Free voice mail and instant messaging. Leave a private voice or text

message for other Firetalk users.


* Free group web tours. Link browsers with your buddies and surf the web

together while talking.


* Free voice chat rooms for web sites. Hold a voice chat session on any

web site on the Internet, including your own.


* Free online Customer Support to get you started and answer all of your

Firetalk questions.


Get Firetalk now at

and start talking!


All you need to use Firetalk is a multimedia PC (sound card, speakers and

microphone) and a 28k modem connection to the Internet.

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