Equinox Gateway Preparation

by Selacia


This month's Equinox may be one of the most potent experienced in recent

years. Here's a snapshot of what you can do now to prepare for beneficial

spiritual openings available at this gateway. What you say yes or no to at

this juncture could have long-term implications in your life.




As a reminder, we're sitting in a very powerful energy month. Highlights

include a rare culmination Pluto-Uranus planetary lineup happening March

16, sure to catalyze long-lasting waves of changes on both personal and

collective levels. Added to that is the total Solar Eclipse with New Moon

(a supermoon) at the March 20 Equinox.


Any one of these energy events, but certainly all three, can lead to

significant turning points - for humanity as a whole and for you

personally. Adding to the intensity, we have a powerful Lunar Eclipse at

the Full Moon on April 4.


These types of planetary events tend to shake up the status quo. Whether

you were born in the 1960s or the 1990s, times like this bring to light

needed transformational changes - often with an element of surprise.


If there was a Geiger counter to measure fluctuations in your nervous

system, imagine how it might be going off the chart as your body processes

these volatile energies.

Your nervous system doesn't like surprises very much, so when things get

like this, there's a tendency to go into either fight or flight mode.

Making decisions in that state can lead you down a path of redos and



This is just a sampling of the volatile energy undercurrents impacting you

and everyone you love. There are more, of course, including today's Full

Moon amplifying things, but this summary is more than enough to ponder

right now.


Foresight and Advance Planning


As mentioned in my recent article, foresight and advance planning go a long

way during times like this. Having a heads up of what's to come, and

consciously intending how you will respond, can make a huge difference in

how you weather the intensity and what benefits you receive at this energy



Sometimes when you want something and you've done all you can do, you must

be patient as the universe assembles things. Other times, such as in March

with the Equinox and planetary lineups, you need to make yourself available

to doorways of opportunity that can appear seemingly out of nowhere.


Prepare for the Equinox Gateway


Here are some tips to prepare for our Equinox gateway. The idea here is to

find the inner harmony and balance needed to not only weather the cosmic

storm but to be ready to step through a new doorway allowing you to have a

wonderful new start.


That's the jewel available this Equinox, a profound opportunity to set in

motion a new direction.

This is the potential of seeing yourself in a brand-new way, catalyzing a

significant shift in some area of your life.


The change may be something you have thought about or wanted for a long

time. It also may be something totally outside your radar - something so

new or radical that when you say yes to it, everything in your life

experience changes! Here are some things you can do now to be ready.


FIRST: Remember that high-intensity days will amplify feelings and

reactions to everyday things. Breathe often and ground yourself in the here

and now. Rather than complaining or worrying, focus your mind on being open

to the nudges from your Higher Self. When you bring spirit into your

everyday reality, everything will flow better and you can avoid needless

side trips. Another bonus: when you are fueled by spirit, it's easier to

find compassion for others having a meltdown.


SECOND: Intend daily to be open to the windows of opportunity available at

this gateway. Then remember your intention as you navigate the day, acting

on your heart's wisdom. Opportunities often are disguised as something else

- like a challenge you must meet before a life-changing event occurs or a

random person who annoys you so much that you finally realize you must stop

being a doormat.


THIRD: Do some form of meditation daily to clear your mind and reset your

energy. You must have quiet and stillness in order to hear the helpful

voice of your inner wisdom. Quieting the mind, too, helps you to be

present. You must be conscious and awake in present time to benefit fully

in these moments. Meditation can help you reduce overthinking and worry

about the future, too.


As a divine changemaker, you are encoded to be here now. You have much more

strength and preparation than you can possibly realize! After all, this is

not your first lifetime here. Keep this overall picture in mind as you move

through this cycle. Trust that spirit is right by your side.




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