Communion of Souls Invocation




We are a Communion of Souls. For we are each a soul, a mind, a

consciousness, a body of glowing incandescent Light. We are both male and

female, whole and complete within ourselves, yet joined in the most deeply

intimate communion with every other soul in the Cosmos.


The One Soul is perfect and we play a part in that ongoing process of

perfection. The One Soul appeared to become the many and is now becoming the

One again, just as we are becoming at one again.


We are just where we need to be. We have just what we need to have to take

the next step on our Path. And life is constantly providing us with

opportunities along the Way. There is only what there is, beyond good and

bad. Bad is simply our name for those experiences whose part in our growth

we are not yet able to understand or accept. It is all part of a perfectly

unfolding Plan and we are partners in that unfolding. Here and now we commit

to celebrating our Paths of unfolding love.


Just as there is the One Soul, so there is the one sound. The Song of Songs,

the Sound of the Soul is "Aum."


("Aum" - chanted three times)


May we all know the Love that passeth all understanding.


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