QLink Benefits

Computer Users


Protects from Computer Radiation

Relieves Computer Fatigue

Improves Mental Concentration and Alertness

Improves Energy Levels and Stamina


QLink Pendant



Biocompatible, hypo-allergenic acrylic

SRT Resonating Cell

Gold-plated Tuning Board

Copper Coil

Permanent and waterproof

Black, diamond-shaped design

1.5 inches wide, .25 inch thick

Comes with nylon cord


Price: $129

Computer Users

Restore Muscle Strength,

Stamina and Concentration

Dr. Larry Altshuler, M.D. "I've noticed a substantial increase in my own energy level and less stress since I began wearing the QLink. Many of my staff wear QLinks and experience similar benefits, especially those who work with computers all day. The QLink Pendant is a great, unique and timely product."

William J. Saccoman, M.D., San Diego Clinic of Preventive Medicine "Thank you for your contribution to mankind. I've been practicing preventive medicine for 36 years and this is a field that really appreciates any easy-to-use method of protecting ourselves from the ravages of environmental hazards, i.e. electromagnetic fields. The truly effective QLink Pendant can easily protect and strengthen us as demonstrated by merely testing it in the presence of a computer or cell phone. Test your muscle strength before and after. You'll never leave home without it."

Both alternative and traditional doctors have tested patients who work at computers. Using Applied Kinesiology, their patients display a dramatic decrease in muscle strength. Many computer users complain about fatigue and loss of mental alertness and concentration. The doctors attribute these symptoms to exposure to the electromagnetic fields (EMF), the radiation emitted by computer monitors.

When these same patients wear the QLInk Pendant, their muscle strength is restored by as much as 100%. Computer users who wear QLinks also report less stress, less fatigue, and an increased ability to sustain long periods of concentration and mental focus.

Try a QLink Pendant for 90 Days - Risk Free

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Q-Link Classic Pendant: $129.00

Durable & waterproof, requiring no batteries and no maintenance. Light-weight, formaldehyde-free, bio-compatible acrylic 1.5" in diameter and 0.25" thick diamond shaped, and is available in black.


Q-Link Silver Pendant: $299.00

Identical in function & benefits to the Classic. Made of 14 grams of Sterling silver and can be worn with eith the tuning board or the silver side facing outward. 1.25" diameter and 0.25" deep.

Q-Link Solid Gold Pendant: $799.00

Same in function as the Classic and is 14k gold and can be worn with either the tuning baord or the gold side facing outward. 1.25" diameter and 0.25" deep.

The ClearWaves Family are the only electronic clocks in the world that do not drain your energy while you sleep or work. Engineered with SRT, the ClearWaves powerfully neutralize the effect of EMF in your home or work environment. They should replace all bedroom, home and office electronic clocks.

The ClearWaves are engineered in 3 strength levels, adaptable to the size of the space and the number of EMF generating sources.

1. ClearWave 1 - For bedroom and home use. Good for low EMF environments. Influences up to a 30 foot radius. Size: 7.5" long x 3.25" deep x 3" high. Retail Cost: $179.00

2. ClearWave 2 - For small offices and home offices. Good for moderate EMF environments. Influences up to a 40 foot radius. Size: 7.5" long x 3.25" deep x 3" high. Retail Cost: $279.00

3. ClearWave 3 - For medium and large offices and health care environments. Good for high EMF environments. Influences up to a 50 foot radius. Size: 9" long x 3.25" deep x 3" high. Retail Cost: $399.00

The Ally: Once you try this portable powerhouse, you'll know why we call it the QLink Ally.

As small as a cell phone, the QLink Ally is a true friend to the road warrior. It strengthens your capacity to work and travel within EMF rich environments. It is especially useful for people who grequently drive or fly and want to increase their resistance to exposure to the wide variety of stressors.

Measuring only 4" long, 2" wide and 0.75" deep, the Ally influences up to a 40 foot radius. The Ally comes with rechargeable batteries, and AC poser cord and recharer. The QLink Ally is engineered with the same SRT micro-cicuitry as the ClearWave. Retail Cost: $329.00


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