Wellness: The Right & Privilege of Everyone

Prerequisite: Your Own Free Will & Choice

"There exists in every person a place that is free from disease, that never feels pain, that cannot age or die. When you go to this place, limitations which all of us accept cease to exist. They are not even entertained as a possibility. This is the place called perfect health." ...Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D.


Today all over the World people are under constant pressure and high level Stress. There is more of an awareness and interest in maintaining good health and well-being.There is more of a concern about dis-ease and the environment in which we live. Resistance to antibiotics is increasing at the same time our immune systems are being compromised. We are seeing dis-eases that reflect this compromised state: Cancer, AIDs, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and more.

Dis-eases and symptoms are not really the problem. Your Body-Mind-Spirit Complex (YOU) is attempting to solve a problem; to get your attention. Dis-ease is your Teacher, getting your attention so you can learn and grow into your natural state of wellness. There is no such thing as a "terminal illness"...only an interesting challenge, a learning experience to accelerate your personal growth.

Wellness is a Process

We are in constant motion on the Illness / Wellness Continuum. We flow from the far end state of "Pre-Mature Death" through stages of disability with symptoms and signs to the "Neutral Point" in the middle onward through stages of Awareness, Education, and Growth into a optimal state of "High-Level Wellness"...your natural state of Being.


YOU Create All of Your Reality

We are Energy Transformers, connected with the Whole Universe. All our life processes, including illness, depend on how we manage Energy & Frequency. Life is a continual dance of Energy. You Live and have your Beingness within this Quantum Field of Energy. The NOW you live within is accelerating into a higher frequency / vibration. NOW is the time in which to withdraw all old energy patterns from choices that no longer serve you. Go to your personal healing counsel, invoke their help, and then invoke a "hand of Light" and charge it to "Please Remove ....(state the energy pattern)" and visulize this "hand of Light" going into your Crown Chakra (top of head) and gathering up all the old, misqualified energy that you are commanding to be removed. Like stiky bubble-gum it winds up into the "hand of Light"; then see it all coming back out your Crown, and the "hand of Light" throws in all to the floor where it bursts into Light and returns to the Quantum Field. You Create All of Your Own Reality...with your Thoughts, Words, Emotions, and Actions. Since you Created Reality...You can change it. Make another choice! Remember: the most powerful words given to us for manifestation are "I AM". Anything that follows the declaration of your I AM PRESENCE must, by Law, manifest! If you catch yourself mis-creating, then say, "cancel, cancel, cancel" to remove the unwanted energy pattern from your creative consciousness.

Moving in the Quantum Field


Be Aware within your Life Processes. Examine your Life.

Educate yourself - Explore your options - Look within.

Dare to Grow - try out the alternative and new options you have found.

Continually Re-Evaluate your position on the Wellness Continuum and re-apply the steps above.


Are You Ready to Feel Good?

Are You Ready to Re-Empower YourSelf

Take Back the Power of Your Own Life - NOW!

Explore the Quantum Energy Field & The Higher Frequencies

Take Charge of Your Life - NOW!



 The Gathering Place...A Center For Wellness is your source for education, personalized wellness evaluation profiles, personalized research, information on alternative therapies, and methods for empowering your Life.

Contact: gather@lightgatherings.com


Classes & Seminars on Alternative Therapies you can use in Your Life. Go to the Calendar of Events schedule on this web site. Call for specific requests. 1-719-539-4561. email: gather@lightgatherings.com

Information & Assistance on various Out-of-Ease States. Articles, newsletters, personalized research, personal wellness evaluations, body-typing for nutritional information and emotional challenges, graphoanalysis, and long distance/absentee Reiki energy sessions. Request by email: gather@lightgatherings.com or by regular mail: 224 W. Rainbow Blvd., #209, Salida, CO 81201. Always seek the advice and diagnosis from your doctor for your out-of-ease state

Directory of Alternative Support, Therapy, and Educational Businesses & Practitioners. This is mainly in our local area of Colorado, the Upper Arkansas Valley. Available by request in hardcopy. Can be picked-up at local stores and therapies.

Support and Sharing Group Sessions at The Center. These are flexible and range from general support of like-minded individuals gathering at our potlucks to specialized groups for information and sharing on specific topics ( challenges facing our aging population, Care-Givers Support group, issues of the Gay/Lesbian/Transexual individuals, challenges of the "Transformative Illnesses"...AIDs, Cancer, CFS, and others). The Center is always open for individuals requesting private "talk-time" with our staff and volunteers. We network Teachers that do teleconferences for their workshops and will also do private, on-the-phone readings - channeling your Guides, the Archangels, and Masters.

Discover Your Individual Body-Type: there are 25 distinct Types, all with different nutritional requirements, times to eat specific foods, plus various emotional challenges, Knowing your specific Type is the Key to your nutritional balance. If you have said, "Diets just don't work for me" then you now have an advanced method to take control of your energy and diet. Contact The Center to discover your Body-Type. Work can be facilitated over the Internet by filling out a questionaire and sending in specific photos of yourself. This work goes way beyond The Zone or the Blood Type Diets.

Therapy Session in Q-Field Therapy. Each session is individually structured to the requirements of the person.

Main List includes:

 Wholistic Health Wellness Counseling with identification of the stress points, assesment of nutritional status, assessment of the energetic field. Includes Body-Typing.  Balancing of the whole body energetic field using alternative methods ( Reiki, Su-Jok, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Vita-Flex, Light Therapy, and Sound Therapy)
 Transformative Illness Challenges: An extensive wholistic health program of education, evaluation, and Q-Field Therapy to better assist you in moving through this experience.  Graphoanalysis to assist you in understanding Self and providing tools to help you in moving forward into a state of Wellness. Includes Graphotherapeutics.
 Upper Respiratory, Ear & Sinus Cleansing. Great for challenges of hearing loss, ringing in the ears, sinus infections, allergy reduction, and breathing challenges.  Reiki Marathon Sessions-two hours- to assist in major wellness/health challenges (cancer, AIDs, immune system crashes, etc.) Can be done absentee as well as at The Center.

Contact Information:

E-mail to: gather@lightgatherings.com

Phone: 719-539-4561

Snail-mail: 224 W. Rainbow Blvd., #209, Salida, CO 81201

Web Site for The Center: www.lightgatherings.com.

Products to Assist Your Wellness Program: www.thephoenixnest.com

For Free E-mail Newsletter: send us your name, address, phone number, and email address.


Events & Information:

Free Local Workshops to Introduce Various Modalities and Alternative Wellness Approaches. These include: Introductory Reiki Workshops, Introduction to Therapeutic Essential Oils, Classes on Wellness Health Products and the Research/Education available, AIDs informational classes, Issues of Aging and Longevity, and others as the need arises. The main concern in our area identified in a survey done at the end of the 90's was the lack of education in the alternative health methods plus where to locate available resources. Classes are offered on a regular basis to address this need of our community.

Seminars & Workshops on a variety of Health Topics. These are offered at low cost or free to assist in the education of our communities in the wholistic health field. Information is given so people can empower themselves and make intelligent health choices.

Publication & Distribution by mail of the Planet ONE Network newsletter to assist in health, personal growth, and "Happeinings", and education for our Valley. A e-mail newsletter is available also by request. A Directory of Alternative Practitioners is also published through our local alternative therapist group.

Printing: all of your printing can now be handled at The Center's printing facility. We do four color: artworks-brochures-newsletter-business cards & forms-promotinal materials-rack cards-postcards-books & assist with the setup of web sites. Call The Center @ 719-539-4561 to discuss your project. Files can be sumitted via pdf format over the Internet - email address: phoenix@lightgatherings.com.


The Gathering Place...A Center For Wellness

The Phoenix Nest

Your Resource Center for Wholistic Health Information & Education

Dare to Explore the Quantum Field

Dare to Accept the Responsiblity that YOU CREATE ALL OF YOUR OWN REALITY - OUT OF YOUR THOUGHTS,


Your Natural State of BEING is:



Due to Circumstances Beyond My Control

I AM Master of My Fate

& Captain of My Soul

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