Exciting new work and new book by Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl who has been initiated into the 5,000-year-old Toltec or Toltecayotl lineage of Mesoamerica and the Tol shamanic lineage (nahualism) of dreaming knowledge that has been passed on in the oral tradition without interruption from master to student for 1,460 years.

He brings forth now Wisdom and practices hidden until this time in history when they will be needed.


"It is entirely remarkable that the timing of this epochal process has been foretold by the pre-Colombian people of Mesoamerica. And it is even more remarkable that they have foreseen the release of the wisdom we need to master this transformation precisely now, when it is actually taking place. And most remarkable of all, this wisdom includes concrete practical instructions on how to master our body and our mind to cope with the challenge that awaits us...."        ~ Ervin Laszlo --  Nobel Prize Nominee, Philosopher and Author

Way Beyond Castaneda...

Many people know of the work of Carlos Castaneda...and about his training with a Yaqui (Man of Knowledge) from Mesoamerica. He brought forth, to the Western world, a glimmer of the Toltec Shamanistic path in the 1970's.

But now, for the first time in history, the fullness of a Toltec Shamanistic path is being presented -- teachings, ceremonies, practices, postures, dances, philosophy, prophecy and an in-depth understanding of the mathematics of the cosmos and how this all relates to human consciousness and the Mesoamerican calendars.  You will find it all in this new book by Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl called, 2012 ­ 2021, The Dawn of the Sixth Sun - The Path of Quetzalcoatl.

Why is the sacred information from this ancient lineage now being made fully available?

The answer is...because now is the time it is needed.

Sergio's work has been widely embraced by people in many countries. He has over 50,000 students in Mexico, the US, Italy, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom where he is starting schools to teach the philosophy and techniques. He is a rare combination of the old with the new he is young, multilingual, multicultural ­ not an outsider as many who have tried to interpret the teachings of the Maya, Aztec and Toltec.  He brings forth this wisdom from his teachers who are great Masters of this ancient tradition.

"I have pledged to transmit and share an authentic version of the Nahuatl culture of Central Mexico, as it has been preserved by the guardians of this tradition. To this day, they have been the custodians of the calendar cycles, coupled with their cosmic mathematical measurements, and now this culture is ready to be shared with the entire world in an effort to manifest the perfect union that exists between the dance of the celestial vault, the cosmos, with its constantly attuned rhythms and movements, and our daily life; thus we shall come to appreciate how these cosmic mathematical movements affect both the behavior and the consciousness of the entire planet Earth, which participates in this dance." ~ Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl

 As you know there is much interest about December 2012 and the shift from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun and what it will mean for humanity. Sergio talks about what is needed now and where humanity is headed.  I think the most exciting thing about this book and Sergio's work is that it shows us that the ancient wisdom of Mesoamerica has not been lost.only hidden for very specific reason, to keep it from being adulterated.

Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl, Wisdom Keeper and Toltec Shaman

Brings Forth Ancient Practices Needed at this Time in History


2012 ­ 2021, The Dawn of the Sixth Sun - The Path of Quetzalcoatl

New Book is a Resource for the Shift of 2012 and Beyond


SAN FRANCISCO ­ August 1, 2012 ­ What happens on and after December 21, 2012? There has been much confusion and many predictions based on the Mayan calendar. Some people think time on Earth will endbut what if there was an intact and compete resource from the ancestors that will give us the wisdom we need for the shift and an understanding of the coming era?


In his new book, 2012 ­ 2021, The Dawn of the Sixth Sun - The Path of Quetzalcoatl, Sergio Magaña (Ocelocoyotl), mystic and teacher of the ancient Toltec/Aztec lineage of Mesoamerica, discloses an in-depth understanding from a rich and uninterrupted oral tradition, the meaning of the shift from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun, the possibilities presented to humanity at this time, and ancient teachings and practices designed to support this shift.


"Most people think that the knowledge associated with the calendars of ancient Mexico did not survive, but this is not the case," says Magaña. "We have a full and living tradition that was hidden so it could remain pure and intact until it was needed. The knowledge was preserved by the guardians in the Nahuatl language and passed along in secret from Teacher to student for 1,400 years. It includes teachings, ceremonies, practices, poses, dances, philosophy, prophecy, and in-depth understanding of the mathematics of the cosmos and how this all relates to human consciousness. It is being made available now, to everyone, because it is needed."


What is the Shift from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun?

According to Toltec/Aztec tradition and calendar the movement from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun is a shift in human consciousness-our understanding of how we relate to Self, each other, the Earth and the cosmos.  In the era of the Fifth Sun, (the era of light) humans were projecting their existence outside of themselves; focused on conquest and understanding of the physical world and relationships with others. With the new Sun (an era of darkness) humans will be turned inward where we learn to relate to the inner aspects of ourselves, the divine, and the unconscious.


The Sixth Sun brings a new energy that represents an opportunity. We have a choice­we can either move toward our further destruction, or along a path to manifest our highest nature. In order to bring back balance and live from a state of grace, there is individual inner work to be done. We must each engage our shadow, or the unknown aspects of ourselves, that include both negative (selfish or damaging beliefs, instincts, emotions and behavioral patterns that keep us oriented around our own gain) and positive qualities (our giving nature and internal power.) But how do we change?



Sacred Wisdom Revealed

This book contains breathing exercises, sacred dances, poses and other ancient practices that are based on cosmic mathematics which show us how to realign ourselves with the universe, Earth and the elements to assist with the transition from one Sun to the next. These teachings show us how to work with our shadow and dreaming states, and ultimately help us align ourselves with our highest nature so that we can take responsibility for the sacredness of life and move successfully through this transition.


Learn more about this wisdom from the Ancestors:


· There is a mathematical order that governs all that exists, from the infinite sky and every single moment, to the entire universe and each individual being: this is the order that is expressed in the calendar.


· We have embarked upon a transition towards a new cycle, and therefore we need to understand what is going on and how to make the best use of the present time. This is the legacy that Mexico, once known as Anáhuac, can offer humanity as a whole.


· If we wish to understand what change will take place in 2012, which will become even more clearly visible in 2021, it is necessary for us to develop a very clear understanding of how each instant of the physical world is created out of the subtle world.

· Time is speeding up and the distance between a thought and its manifestation is shrinking. This new era will allow for anything-constructive or destructive-to manifest much more rapidly.  

· When we synchronize ourselves with the relevant lunar dates, hours and phases, we will align our personal intention with the cosmic intelligence; there will be a harmony and ease in our lives.

· The description of these future Suns has been preserved in the memory of the guardians in the Nahuatl language and to this day they continue to repeat it succinctly in its oral version, making use of a series of short metaphors to describe the characteristics of each Sun.


According to the Prophecy of Cuauhtemoc in 1521, (great Aztec ruler after Montezuma) this ancient wisdom tradition possesses a series of teachings that must be shared with the rest of humankind at this precise moment in history.


Aztec/Toltec Calendar

The Aztec calendar was carved in stone during the Fifth Sun (academics believe 1479 but keepers of the wisdom say it is older) and contains detailed information on the last five Suns (eras of human and Earth history). As a cyclical calendar, it also provides information regarding the coming Suns. The Mayan long count calendar ended on October 28, 2011 (not 2012, as is commonly believed) but the Aztec calendar, includes two more cycles or 13,250 years and tell us that this shift from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun presents us with an opportunity for a change in human consciousness.


The Ancient Toltec Wisdom and Cycles of Time

The Toltecs were the masters and teachers of the Aztecs and Mayans-all experts in understanding the relationship that exists between subtle energy, astronomical phenomena and human consciousness. Through eons of experience they knew how to interpret the mathematical or universal order that governs all of existence by measuring and observing cycles of time (day to night, lunar, solar, stellar and galactic), the impact they had on the Earth (elements, seasons and tides), human consciousness, and perception.


About Sergio Magaña

Sergio Magaña, "Ocelocoyotl", is a well-known and respected healer in Mexico City, who has been initiated into the 5,000-year-old Toltec or Toltecayotl lineage of Mesoamerica. The tradition began with the ancient Chichimecas, who transmitted it to Teotihuacans and then Toltecs, who then taught both the Mayans and Aztecs. Sergio is also trained in the Tol shamanic lineage (nahualism) of dreaming knowledge that has been passed on in the oral tradition without interruption from master to student for 1,460 years. The time for these teachings to be unveiled is now and Sergio is one of a few spokespeople asked to share this ancient and hidden wisdom with the world. Www.sergiomagana.com


Book Details

Title: 2012 ­ 2021, The Dawn of the Sixth Sun - The Path of Quetzalcoatl

Author: Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl

Price: $17.99 US/ $17.99 CAN

Publisher/Imprint: BlossomingBooks, US subsidiary of Edizioni Amrita, srl

Format: Trade Paperback

Page count: 180

ISBN: 978-88-96865-06-4

Publish date: August 1, 2012

Distributor: BookMasters

Publicity contact: Megan McFeely;  mmcfeely@earthlink.net


Deborah King -Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You

Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You, written by TV commentator, health & wellness expert, and Hay House author Deborah King, is a must-have innovational and highly practical healing journey for everyone who has ever wondered why they have problems with their health, their weight, their relationships, their finances, or their spiritual progress.

Deborah King was a "successful" corporate attorney, addicted to alcohol, drugs, and sex, when she was diagnosed with cancer in her mid-twenties. What Deborah discovered in her search for healing was that she'd been lying to herself. And that the painful emotions she'd buried in her body had eventually wound up as cancer (from which she had an amazing remission!). Click Here for Ordering


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Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, has just been released, and there are many free gifts for those who participate in their book release promotion. This leading edge work by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present the teachings of the Non-Physical consciousness Abraham, explains that the two subjects most chronically affected by the powerful Law of Attraction are financial and physical well-being. This book will shine a spotlight on each of the most significant aspects of your life experience and then guide you to the conscious creative control of every aspect of your life, and also goes right to the heart of what most of you are probably troubled by: money and physical health. This book has been written to deliberately align you with the most powerful law in the universe-the Law of Attraction-so that you can make it work specifically for you.


Are You Ready For The New Earth Coming Soon?

When John The Revelator wrote about seeing a "new heaven and a new earth" in his visions 2,000 years ago, he may have witnessed an occurrence that we will be experiencing shortly, according to the information that Dolores Cannon received through her hypnotherapy subjects' higher self while they were in trance.

In book two of The Convoluted Universe series, Dolores again comes out with more fascinating material about the workings of the spirit world, our souls, and all the dimensions that are constantly endeavoring to uplift the earth while we mortals trudge our way through our everyday lives, mostly unaware....



 The Matter of Mind

An Explorer's Guide to the Labyrinth of the Mind

Master Dywhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

This new book by Master Djwhal Khul is a thorough treatment of how the mind is both our vehicle of liberation, and that which blocks our liberation. In this very clear and concise treatment of a vast subject, Master carefully outlines the relation between karma and the mind, as well as the various stages the mind negotiates in breaking karmic patterns. Of particular interest is Master's disclosure of what happens to/with the mind after one dies. Written in the classic Tibetan style, this work is concise, inspiring and very informative. This is a book that you will want to refer to time and time again. A "must-have" for your personal library.

To Order Your Copy, click here for Kathlyn's/DK's website.

* I have studied with Kathlyn/DK - this experience has been priceless...Elayna


Kathlyn Kingdon is a true renaissance woman: gifted conductor, composer, lecturer, psychotherapist, and author. Perhaps no talent is more extraordinary than her incredible connection with Master Djwhal Khul. The two have been inseparable for 25 years teaching extensively in the U.S., Europe, Russia, and India. Together, they have touched the lives of countless spiritual seekers and have inspired students to rise above learned patterns of helplessness and complacency, transforming their very lives in the process.

Known affectionately as "the Tibetan" Ascended Master Djwhal Khul is one of the planetary Wisdom Masters, well known to spiritual aspirants the world over. A Master Teacher in every respect, He imparts timeless truths from many spiritual traditions in contemporary terms, and graces all His beloved students with His loving wisdom, sincere compassion, and profound generosity. The depth of His priceless teachings challenges the mind and touches the soul.

The Grandmothers Speak

Women all over the world are passing on the Grandmothers' Empowerment to women and Cloak of Comfort to men. Imagine a world of perfect balance, peace and progress for ourselves, our planet and future generations. The Grandmothers' message is life-altering. It transports us from a state of helplessness, created by the imbalance on earth and in our own lives, to a state of empowerment and confidence - not confidence in the individual, small self that we have been told we are, but confidence in the Great Self that we really are.

As a result of her life-changing experience with these loving beings, Sharon wrote "A Call to Power: The Grandmothers Speak." The book reveals the Grandmothers message, including the ceremony of Empowerment and Casting the Net of Light. It invites all people to take part in the sacred evolution of our planet.

Purchase "A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak" here.

Michael Crichton's book,State of Fear (Harper Collins, 2004, $27.95), is a surprising book. Tucked inside a lively and entertaining tale of a philanthropist, a scientist, a lawyer, and two remarkable women who travel around the world trying to foil the plots of evil-doers is a detailed expose of the flawed science and exaggerations at the base of the global warming scare. It is also a devastating critique of mainstream environmentalism today and an eloquent call for change.

Like Crichton's previous block-busters, The Andromeda Strain and Jurassic Park, this book blends science and fiction in ways that teach as well as entertain readers. Crichton, who earned an M.D. from Harvard University and has written several nonfiction books (click here for a biography), backs up his claims with footnotes, an appendix, and an annotated bibliography. Clearly, he wants the science in his book to be taken seriously.

Which raises the question: How much of the science in State of Fear is accurate, and how much is fiction?

The answer: Michael Crichton is right! His synthesis of the science on climate change is extremely accurate and the experts he cites are real. The Heartland Institute has been participating in the debate over climate change for more than a decade, and we have worked with many of the experts listed in the book's bibliography.

This feature on The Heartland Institute's Web site is dedicated to following the debate over the science in State of Fear. It collects some of the many reviews, op-eds, and letters the book has generated and also links to research on environmental issues and the environmental movement.

There is a new book out called The Dictator's Astrologer by Roberleigh H Claigh. The book is all about Afra Waesch (the astrologer) and Hitler, comparing their paths, hers toward the light and his toward darkness. Afra was my mother's teacher, and her best friend, whom we children were all fortunate to have influence us also. It was she who introduced my sisters and I to spirituality. Fascinating read. Thought some of you might be interested, especially the people who know astrology as charts are done and analyzed on the top people who surrounded Hitler. Basically it is a great comparison of two people whose paths intertwine and how one's choices make all the difference. The book also indicates how well Afra's Light protected her, even in the most difficult of times.

Know The Name, Know The Person is the first book to use Neimology to divulge how to interpret a name to know how a person thinks, feels and behaves.

Neimology: Neimology is the study of the placement of letters in a name, and how they interact with each other to divulge hidden secrets about someone's character.

Sharon Wyeth - lightkeepers.name@mac.com - 210-355-6115 www.KnowTheName.com

Gregg Braden has just completed his latest book The Spontaneous Healing of Belief . Gregg is a regular speaker at our Celebrate Your Life conferences and will be one of our featured speakers at the Chicago conference on May 30 - June 1.  Gregg's work and research is truly incredible and The Spontaneous Healing of Belief  is written with one purpose in mind: to share an empowering message of hope and possibility in a world where we are often led to feel hopeless and powerless.

 The book goes into detail explaining that beyond any reasonable doubt that our bodies, our lives, and our reality is based upon a simple code-a heart-based belief code-that we may learn and upgrade by choice.

As always, Gregg brings fascinating and new discoveries to understanding more about our existence.  This book will guide you through the steps to reveal the Great Mystery that opens the door to the Great Question-the single primal Belief-that drives every choice and every decision that you will ever make in your life!   It will also guide you through the steps for the deepest healing of the ancient belief that separates us from one another, love, and even life itself. 

The book is on sale at Amazon for only $16.47 plus shipping. 


Quote: Mary Magdalene: "I have come to heal the female energy on Earth, to show what the essence of the female is and what the essence is of all the possibilities that a woman has within her. I have come to do better justice to all the subtle elements that are present in every woman on Earth. The same applies to the female aspect in every man, which can be brought into balance with his male energy.

The Divinity of Mankind ­ Revelations by Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part I ­ Revelation 8 (ISBN 90 807478 3 1)


A currently relevant revelation of Mary Magdalene about the significance of the success of the book The Da Vinci Code for the healing of the feminine energy in the world and the acceptance of Mary Magdalene as an important spiritual master. We hope ­ along with Mary Magdalene ­ that this new revelation may be conducive to new insights also with you, and that the message may contribute to balance the male and female energy in this world.


This revelation will be one of the chapters in the book "The Divinity of Mankind ­ Revelations by Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene ­ Part III" which will be published in 2006. Our first English-language book, "The Divinity of Mankind ­ Revelations by Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part I", has been available world-wide since August. If you are curious, take a look at our website www.divinityofmankind.com

Gabriela and Reint Gaastra-Levin

(Authors of the books "The Divinity of Mankind ­ Revelations of Mary, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene," Part I and Part II)

(ISBN 90 807478 15 and 90 807478 23)



Revelation of Mary Magdalene about the book The Da Vinci Code


Mary Magdalene: "Dear brothers and sisters. With happiness and gratitude I address myself to you. It moves me to see that you are so open and have an interest in making contact with me. I represent the acknowledgment and honoring of your feminine essence, both in women and in men. The interest in me and in what I represent grows day by day. There are ever more people who long for the healing of the feminine energy in themselves and the world. The appearance and the success of the book The Da Vinci Code of author Dan Brown are connected with this. This book playfully explores who I am. The author plays masterfully with the longing for healing of the feminine in every person. All incidents in the book and the storyline form a metaphor for all situations and processes which people on Earth create to enter into contact with their femininity.


At this moment, the feminine energy is the most important element on Earth which needs healing. All different conflicts which are going on among people on Earth in essence have to do with this. The healing of the feminine 'makes everything fall into place,' and it is the missing element for solving the puzzle of the great human conflicts on Earth at this time. It speaks so completely for itself and it is so indispensable for many.


In this book a self-evident truth is revealed in a complex manner. When everything falls into place it appears self-evident and not complex at all. The fact that Jesus and I form a couple, that we had children and that as a family of light we form a foundation for the healing of the human heart is a very natural truth. In and of itself humanity has no need for codes to be able to observe and accept that. The fears of femininity and of the unity between man and woman which people have developed throughout many centuries, make that this 'natural' truth often was not seen. These fears were the cause that in the course of human history people did not dare speak openly about the feminine. Only in a concealed manner and sometimes by codes could the feminine be named and given a valuable place.


People are afraid of their true essence, are afraid to connect with each other, and are afraid of intimacy and for the power of their own sexuality, but in the end it is their own Divine heart of which they have the most fear, and for which they long at the same time. The feminine energy says that you may love yourself, that you are perfect, complete and Divine. The feminine represents seeing the Divine in everything that exists. The feminine represents the power of 'being,' the masculine stands for the power of 'doing,' establishing something, building something. The feminine principle does not have to prove or achieve anything to be valuable. You are perfect just as you are. The masculine represents establishing things, manifesting this perfection in the world.


You people often walk a complicated path to come to this simple truth. Your paths sometimes resemble a thriller, with all the changes and surprises that go with that. In a thriller like The Da Vinci Code there is a creative play on the theme of 'good and evil.' What seems 'good' can turn into 'evil' and vice-versa. Friend and foe change places and so do victims and victimizers. The passion displayed by the main characters, masculine and feminine, represents the passion with which you, men and women, seek for the healing of the feminine principle and the balance between the masculine and the feminine.


The indications in your heart are not complicated, on the contrary are very self-evident. What makes it complex is the resistance which you feel against accepting and permitting this natural harmony between the masculine and feminine. It is about the natural ability of giving and receiving. The man gives and the woman receives, let things mature, 'gives birth' and gives back. This is how in fact all of creation arises.


In the course of different lives you have made decisions and created beliefs which conceal these natural truths. Your quest to unravel this web of blockages and convictions can be compared to deciphering a code. The code in your own consciousness.


There is a much simpler method to reveal this web which has been woven in the course of your own history individually as well as collectively, and that is to pray to me, Mary Magdalene as representative of the Divine and the feminine principle, and also to Jesus and Mary Magdalene as Divine Couple, as representatives of harmony of the masculine and feminine. By praying to us you engage a higher dimension of consciousness which penetrates all blocks like a beam of light. By establishing the intention to heal these aspects, the healing is already activated. You don't need any code for that, only the desire of your heart for the experience of your own Divinity. For that Jesus and I, Mary Magdalene stand at the ready, in order to support and guide you. In Part I and Part II of our books Revelations of Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene ­ About the Divinity of Mankind there are several prayers to awaken the forces we represent in your heart.




Dear Mary Magdalene

Divine woman

Have mercy on me and awaken within me

Help me to heal and to value the feminine principle within me

In all the depths of my being, in my fellow human beings and in everything on Earth




Dear Mary Magdalene and Jesus

Divine couple

Have mercy on me

And awaken within me

Help me to heal, to value and to integrate

The feminine and masculine principle

In all the depths of my being

In my fellow human being and in everything on Earth



A Revelation by Mary Magdalene received by the Dutch-Argentine couple Gabriela and Reint Gaasta-Levin, authors of the book "The Divinity of Mankind ­ Revelations by Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene Part I" (ISBN 90 807478 31)(www.divinityofmankind.com)


Wanted to share a book with everyone. Alan Hopking read and thoroughly studied all of the Alice Bailey materials and then condensed her teachings into one easy to read and understand volume.


ISBN # 1-57733-162-1, self hardcover, or

ISBN # 1-57733-110-9, paperback


Fireside Books/Simon & Schuster is pleased to announce the paperback publication of LIFE SHIFT by Aleta St. James (June 6, 2006; $14.00; 288 pages; ISBN: 074328187X). In Life Shift, Aleta reveals how women today have become Alpha Females, relying on action, self-reliance, and other testosterone energies to achieve goals. In doing so, women have neglected the complimentary energies of magnetism, receptivity, and intuition ­ the Magnetic Female. Aleta shows readers how to allow these dualities harmonize with each other so that your dreams are realized. And she indeed practices what she preaches ­ Aleta, desperate to become a mother, challenged medicine and Mother Nature and caused a media frenzy when she delivered healthy twins at the age of 57 in November 2004.


Aleta is not your typical New Age movement energy healer and success coach. A former successful actress and director, Aleta's own struggle with the emotional roller coaster of show business, led her on a journey of personal healing and self- discovery. Over the past 25 years, Aleta studied with some of the best spiritual masters in the world and assimilated both western and eastern philosophies with her innate intuitive healing techniques. She has created a powerful and practical set of tools in her signature life-shifting program, called "Energy Transformations."


Aleta's most basic beliefs are:

* Impossible dreams are possible if you are willing to become the person your dream calls you to be.

* Beauty is Power - look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

* Regarding menopause, it should be about "winding up instead of winding down."

Aleta has been on the cover of New York Magazine and People, in addition to being featured in the New York Times, ELLE, Allure, W, Harper's Bazaar, and Shape magazines. She has appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs including the Today Show, Dateline, Good Morning America, and CNN. She has written a monthly column in American Health and Fitness, has consulted for the Equinox Health Clubs, and is on the board of Dr. Vagnini's Longevity Centers in New York.

She is a dynamic motivational speaker who has presented at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Fordham University, Canyon Ranch, the Atlantic Club, The Friends Health Connection, the Lisbeth Lindley Foundation, The Fashion Group, the Marie Claire Annual National Sales Conference, The Learning Annex, and New York's esteemed the 92nd Street Y. She also has a thriving private practice and has recently opened The Goddess Repair Shop, which combines her powerful healing techniques with the latest in cutting-edge technology in anti-aging. It is an oasis for inner and outer beauty in Manhattan.



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