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Photon Energy Report

When the Photon Energy is high in the sevens, eights and nines on the chart, the mastermind of the world goes into a very negative state. The mass consciousness slips into doom and gloom.

When the Photon Energy is low - in the ones and twos - people are actually left to fend for themselves. Their energy levels go in the opposite direction. They no longer take any energy for themselves and give their powers away to whom-ever is holding the hightest thought at the time.

The Photon Energy will be near its lowest level during the meditation, the ONE BILLION PERSON PEACE PRAYER MEDITATION of September 11th, making it ideal for thought manifestation.

For more information on the Meditation: Meditations.html

Is There a Connection Between Magnetics and Human Behavior?...07/03/00

by Mitch Battros (ECTV)


Articles such as the one below are starting to come forward. The first phase of most research is to identify the problem. That's exactly what the CNN article indicates. The next phase is to identify the cause.

I wrote an article earlier this year which reflects upon the possible cause of the escalation in mood and personality disorders. I have used my understanding of acupuncture and magnetics to help explain. Perhaps we are witness to a type of magnetic flux that is indeed affecting our own personal magnetic field. Some would even suggest we will soon experience an acupuncture treatment on a world wide scale, perhaps in the way of an energy wave. Some have called it a Photon wave. This goes in my "grey box" but I am surely open to this idea.

(MB) As a N.A.D.A. Certified Acupuncturist, I have some understanding of magnetics and the human (animal) grid. It has been known for thousands of years there is an energy that runs through all living things. The Chinese call this energy "Chi" or "Qi". The Japanese call it "Ki". The eastern Indians (India) call it "Prana". The Mayans call it "Gaia". And of course, Luke Skywalker calls it "The Force".

It is when this energy is out of balance, that it manifest as illness (both physical and mental). The very basics of acupuncture is the study of the human gird or energy field, and its connection to our anatomy. The largest part of an acupuncturist study, is defining and identifying the energy points which network through the human (animal) body. These energy points are known as "meridians". Meridians are a network of bio-magnetic grids (energy points) that run through all living things. When the life force energy i.e., "Chi, Ki, Prana, Gaia, The Force" is out of balance, it manifest as illness. What an acupuncturist will do is manipulate certain meridians, depending on the ailment, to bring balance back to the body/mind.

I believe it is more than possible the current "magnetic shift", due to the suns solar cycle, has a direct affect on human (animal) behavior. Could this be the cause of hundreds of dolphins beaching themselves? Also the phenomenon of migrant birds flying in areas never before seen. Could it be true there is an epidemic of "mood and personality" disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Addictions? Is this a result of the earth's magnetic field shifting? Could this "magnetic shift" in addition to affecting our weather, also be affecting humans as well?

Just as the Earth has its magnetic field, so do humans. It makes sense that what would certainly disrupt one, would disrupt the other. Are we indeed connected to the Earth (Universe) in ways current science cannot explain. Perhaps we will find the answers in our ancestors ancient text.

Equation: Sunspots = Solar Flares = Magnetic Shift = Shifting Ocean and

Jet Stream Currents = Severe Weather (and perhaps emotional disturbance?).

Molecular Enhancer

I queried experimental physicist Dan Dial in the message below about how to protect oneself from bombardment by HAARP ELF microwaves by building a Faraday Cage (which provides a conductive path for the microwaves to follow rather than go through our bodies) and he has responded below with simple instructions which anyone who can use a soldering iron can follow. I encourage everyone to visit to see the Tesla devices which Dan builds which are quite useful and healthy to use to aide the body in healing itself, as they'd help keep us free of the elements of coercion along with a Faraday cage and plenty of herbs and vitamins. His simple instructions for building a Faraday Cage are provided below.

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