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Greetings everyone~


I went to listen to Benu/Gabriel tonight which many of you know, is not high

on my list of things to do... But I was reminded of the meeting tonight, then

nudged, then nudged harder. So I went! Glad I did .... good stuff :0) I am

sending this to all of you as there was one particularly powerful piece of

information, as follows:


For the next 2 months (and yes, we are already into that 2 month time factor)

there is a 'window', a special dispensation, or as Benu put it "An

Experiment by Spirit" being gifted to us ... or some may see it as being

tested ... as the energy during this timing accentuates manifestation a

100-fold. Thus it is Very Important to listen to what you speak, hear what

you are thinking and look for the positive/perfection in everything Always &

Immediately. Quote, "WHAT YOU SPEAK, YOU BECOME."


As an example, there will be lots of chaos ... you visualize and see balance.


These energies can either be a lot of fun and exhilarating, or the opposite

polarity of chaos and negative emotions. Thus we were told to "STAY IN THE

NOW ... do not go into the past, even yesterday, just keep your focus on the

present moment otherwise you will flow with the confusion" (I took notes to

be able to pass this on, can you tell :o)


"There will be a lot of chaos, a lot of people leaving, even a lot of

suicides as with this extreme amount of Light coming in, it brings the

Darkness to the surface like oil on top of water. If anger, disgust or any

negative emotions come in front of you, its imperative you send them love &

light ... Wear your Rose colored glasses!!!! Otherwise you will flow with

the confusion and it will be very difficult to pull yourself out of the

emotional chaos. This is going to be very strong energy.


"Also: Those coming forward with anger/fear etc. ARE NOT A MIRROR TO YOU.

It is important that you do not look at them as a mirror, as we know all of

you have learned much about yourself by understanding that concept but in

this timing, they are not in front of you for that reason. Send them love

and DO NOT try to analysis what aspect of you they are mirroring or you will

begin looking into the past and loose the Present Moment. "


"Enjoy this timing as you can create your dreams beyond your imagination ...

use affirmations daily, see perfection in every experience, create intentions

to your highest good and KNOW THEY SHALL BE."


This window will apply for 6 months, although these first 2 months are the

most important and the most intense, but the manifestations will flow for the

next 6 months.


On a secondary note, our Electromagnetic & Geomagnetic Fields are rotating at

this time, so if you notice your computer, hair dryer, telephones, cell

phones, all electrical appliances doing very strange things, this is the

cause. Allow them to set a moment, as it will pass ... there is no need to

take them in for repair, as there won't be anything found wrong with them.

Those ones with hearing-aides will actually be getting signals outside our

hearing range and may even hear voices and messages from outside our

dimension. (That was sort of cool) Also, the dimensions are "thinning" so

if you think you saw someone pass in front of you, know that is exactly what

happened ... Those shadows are really ones from other dimensions that have

always walked beside and amongst you, it is just that now you are able to see

them. You may also notice there are way more people on this planet, there

IS! But they have always been here, it is simply that you couldn't see them

before. You will also be seeing way more bright light flashes from your

peripheral vision, these are also higher dimensional Beings ....


That's All Folks.... He spoke for an hour and a half, but those points were

the basis for the entire discussion. The rest was mainly helping people

understand how to deal with these up and coming times, this 2 month window

... finding a positive attitude in every experience and maintaining that

attitude every moment. He couldn't stress that enough, as this is really a

test of letting go of the past, with the gift being your dreams coming true.

All residue will be coming up during this time, even if you think you have

cleared it so its important not to dwell on it, but simply release it and

refocus into the Now.


If these past two weeks of my Life is an example of the miracles that can

happen and the beauty that awaits our "call" ... this should be one

phenomenal 2 months!!!!!!

Enjoy sweet souls, enjoy ... With Rainbow Hugs and much, much Love, Angelica

" May your hearts be open to the future that IS now ...
The Future has Arrived... in this moment Now

We have arrived, dear hearts, at that time-in-space we have all awaited in anxious anticipation of what the Future holds for the World and for each of us individually.
The year 2000 quickly approaching since each of us birthed, our souls spent this lifetime completing lessons left unfinished and learning grace within the expression we had chosen walk in this lifetime of Graduation. A graduation of our souls journey upon Earth. We have learned and we have grown, as each experience offered us a wealth knowledge, wisdom and an abundance of Love brought through our hearts to express out into our world. Love is our only goal, that of unconditional love for ourselves so that we may express unconditional love in the exhale of our every breath. Thus, we have had many doorways of opportunities to grow, to become a brighter light that shines as a starlight beacon lighting our own pathway into a higher expression of Love upon this planet.

Growth can only happen, when we choose to open our doors to ourselves, thus giving the self permission to expand beyond the limitations, it has placed on itself. Opening to experiences the self has not felt, perhaps in this entire lifetime. And walking through doorways, it has always hidden behind, peeking and observing those whom had gone before and desiring, oh so very much, to have the strength of love for self to come out from behind the door and know that it is accepted as One... of them, whom are only reflections of ourselves in the mirror of Life. Reflections of a future time wherein
equality, unity and brotherhood is the living reality inside the New Doorway.

These new doorways, ball-rooms, realities, are where we all stand Now... It is a time wherein, each of us individually are given the opportunity to experience our heart's desire, whatever that may Be, without conditions and limitations. Each soul acknowledging their individual expression of their heart's desire, unfulfilled up to this timing. And each expression a little different, as each individual has walked a path of its Soul's choosing, to complete its learning so that it could be in this Now, celebrating.

The celebration IS the fulfillment of the Soul's expression on Earth in the light of All that it Is. The celebration is the party, wherein the gifts are received as the Soul opens to accept its graduation gifts, those heartfelt desires that it has carried within itself this entire lifetime as a dream of the future.

Tis now the future, and the dreams are to be lived, shall be lived, as each Soul acknowledges and remembers how they had visualized their dream-life to Be, here on earth. All the material comforts we dreamed as a child, shall come forward for us to experience. All the artist expressions, we had desired for ourselves as children, will Be. We were all artists, painting the pictures of our lives, as our heart's desired them to unfold as we came into completion, and walked through the doorway into the Grand Ballroom where our dreams would be fulfilled.

The stage was set and constructed by the very lives we lived, each experience gaining us another tool for the Grand Ballroom, wherein we would live our dreams. Each experience strengthening our timbre... and teaching us grace... the experiences being our dance lessons in preparation for the Grand Ball.

Clumsiness turned into gracefulness and stepped on toes mended and healed. Missed steps were learned and new dances were taught. Practice was mandatory and a change of partners to refine what had been learned. All the dance lessons and new partners served as reflections as we glided across the dance room floor. In some we saw our clumsiness, in others we saw our grace. We stepped on toes and our toes were stepped upon, so we could all experience the dance in the slippers of another. This taught us forgiveness, and our compassion grew. Our stepped on toes healed, as we forgave our own clumsiness. And grace ensued as our gift of love and clarity grew.

We began to see the perfection, as wisdom was gained. The dance was for ourselves! Our partners simply us. The forgiveness of another was to heal our own toes. Through stepping on another, we now understood. The dance was to see ourselves, through the refection of another; and learn the gift of compassion so our hearts could shine the Light. The reflections of our hearts, now giving Light to all others, lighting their pathway so that they may see too.

We became the instructors, as wisdom was learned. And light was our goal, as we gifted sight to another. Through our own wisdom learned, we knew now the gift was ours, in helping one another our torch simply grew. The direction the same, we all were headed home. The Grand Ballroom the celebration, an encore of our life-dreams, to dance our final dance with grace and ease.

Our old partners would all be there, in this Grand Ballroom we had all achieved. So we could dance together, sharing our gifts of grace and ease. For we had all helped one another, in bygone days of past and entered the Grand Ballroom to share this last dance. By helping one another as we had done so many times in the past. The sharing of our Gifts, achieved along the way, so All could live their life-dreams as seen when we peeked-out behind that door. Where the first glimpse of Brotherhood and unity, gave our hears the strength to go on...

Yes, we have all entered the Grand Ballroom, it is the Future indeed. A time we all have awaited, to share our dreams and have them achieved. And help one another so Victory is not just perceived. But lived as a reality, in unison, brotherhood and equality. We are the brotherhood that we once saw, dancing together with such beauty, we were in awe. Each with their own individuality, coming together to demonstrate Truth and Reality. So others might see, from behind that door, the beauty and perfection of stepping onto the dance floor. And letting go of their illusion that it cannot BE, where All help one another glide across the floor equally. Where the illusion is gone and we all know we have something to share, to help our brothers and sisters achieve their dreams as they dare... Knowing in Truth their dreams and ours are All One, of an Over Soul mission for the World, we have all come....

May the Father's Love Bless each and everyone of you...
as your hearts merge at the core of the Central Sun
Remembering the Truth, We are All One.

Through the Sacred Flame of the Diamond Heart
I Am Angelica
... a messenger from the Central Sun


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These Angelic Messages come to us from Angelica Cory, a wonderous Being of Light and Love, whose poetry and angelic writings bring upliftment to every heart that is open to hear. She is always available to those who feel moved in the Heart of Hearts to contact her.


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