Today's Angel Message


Archangel Mikael (Michael)

March 18, 2006

Transmitted to Matia Michaelson



I cry out to my children and they do not hear.


I whisper gently and even shout yet they do not hear.


I shake them and they do hear.


My voice is not heard above the noise of the 3rd dimensional reality.


I weep for mankind and the future they are molding with their lack of understanding and refusal to see what lies ahead.


I am leaving and they do not care or understand the heartache I feel for yes we of the higher dimensions feel the pain of the loss of so many who chose to come here and are Left Behind. I AM responsible for they answered my Clarion Calls over the years and have become enmeshed in the unreal world forgetting who they are and why they came.


As the Spiritual Hierarchy is disbanded mankind goes on as if their world is so important giving little or no thought to what is outside of their personal needs. They are unable to break out of their own pain of denial and see the Divine Plan and the part they agreed to play.


The children cry out from abuse and neglect and few hear, the old wither away in your nursing homes as if all the wisdom and experience they have is of no value. They should be revered and cared for, not cast away like trash. They treat the animal kingdom and plant kingdom with contempt as if these have no value except to fill their bellies and rape the Earth destroying her piece by piece. These life waves are our younger brothers and sisters in evolution.


I am at a loss as to what to do, I am no longer able to help those who do not hear my voice. I am forbidden by Cosmic Law.


Most of my Lightworkers sit on the bench afraid to enter the game. They can not help from the sidelines and are more concerned with what their families or co-workers will think or of making a mistake than they are of the consequences of non-action. So they do nothing.


Millions follow the teachings of the dark side and fallen ones who would rather the Gem of the Galaxy-Your Earth, be destroyed than bend the knee to the Creator of All that Is. I tell you they want to destroy as many of the light as they can in the process so many go like sheep to the slaughter refusing to see through the lies and deceptions. Lacking discernment and taking the easier path.


We of the Hierarchy bend the knee now to the Creator and are preparing to leave Earth. Will you join us on our next adventure?


It is a harsh reality we of the Spiritual Hierarchy are facing as all the hopes we had for mankind are falling quickly away as the New Governors replace us-one by one.


So I plead with you, cry out to God for salvation before it is too late for us to help.


I AM Archangel Mikael


Matia Michaelson

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