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* Empower Your Body to Heal Itself *


REDOX Signaling - Essential to Health

Do You Want to Turn Back The Clock On Your Skin?

* Now You Can! RENU 28 - Proprietary Skin Gel *

 ASEA is a scientific breakthrough that addresses human health from the body's own angle:

-Redox Signaling Molecules-

Boosting the body's ability to heal itself.

ASEA offers an advantage that no other supplement can.

It's not just cutting edge.

It's a whole new edge.

 Breakthrough | bräk·thrü |

- A major achievement or success that permits further progress, as in technology.

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 Protect. Repair. Replace.

The health of our cells determines the health of our bodies. Our cells are designed first to protect themselves, second to repair any damage that does occur, and finally to replace a cell that experiences irreparable damage. The cell's ability to do this depends on how quickly and efficiently it can communicate, both inside and outside the cell. ASEA boosts the cell's communication functions, allowing it to protect, repair, and replace at optimum efficiency.


* In the USA, someone turns 50 every 7 seconds

* As we age, our natural healing ability decreases = Aging & Dis-ease

* ASEA = a potion of youth for your cells, a simple method of replenishing yourth-promoting Redox Signaling molecules to your body.


Help Your Body Heal Itself

* A full and productive life is rooted in good health.

* ASEA - beyond's native.

* The worlds first bio-communication product. Cell-to-cell communication is vital to your health.


Fuel Your Performance - Accelerate Your Recovery

* Increases your maximum aerobic capacity.

* Speeds cellular healing

* ASEA = a hyperbaric chamber in a bottle.


Keep Your Family Healthy

* ASEA helps your body maintain a healthy immune system.

* A healthy family starts with a healthy you...and you depend on the health of your cells.

* Forget the Joneses...Now keep up with your kids!







The Science: How It Works

We live and die at the cellular level. We have about 75 trillion cells in your body. Young, healthy cells make an abundance of special molecules that speed healing and enhance cell-to-cell communication. These molecules are called Redox Signaling molecules, and they are vital to keeping your body young and healthy. As we get older, our bodies' ability to make these molecules decreases, resulting in what we call "aging". Environmental factors, health challenges, and even everyday stress can put a lot of pressure on your immune system and cause it to underperform, leading to additional health challenges.

Until now, the only source for these special molecules was inside living cells. Now, thanks to ground-breaking discoveries and technology (and multiple patents later after 16 years of research), we have a second source of perfectly balanced, non-toxic, stable Redox Signaling molecules, molecules that are absolutely identical to those our bodies make: ASEA.


* The Only Source of Redox Signaling. ASEA is the first and only source of crucial Redox Signaling molecules outside of the body.

* Antioxidant Boost. ASEA increases the efficiency of the body's most important natural antioxidants - including glutathione and SOD - by over 500%.

* Immune Support. ASEA supports immune system functions that reduce oxidative stress and repair cellular damage.

* Supported by Science. ASEA's health benefits are supported by independent research.

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Download "How The Body Heals Itself" - The Immune System

Asea's astounding new product RENU 28. All natural, no preservatives, only 4 ingredients!!!

ASEA has been able to stabilize the Amazing Molecules in a topical gel - many times more concentrated  to help your SKIN repair, replace and REJUVENATE!!! It is positively astounding! And they already have research done by a prestigious dermatological firm in Germany, Dermatest, using state of the art measuring devices to show that it can ......

* Reduce Eye Wrinkles by 21%

* Improve Overall Facial Wrinkles by 23%

* Improve Skin Texture by 22%

* Increase Facial Smoothness by 23%

* Elasticity by 20%

* And...Increase Skin Hydration by 11%!!!


It is non-reactive and so unique that it can be combined with any skin regimen to produce phenomenal results. RENU 28 is non-comedogenic, preservative free and hypoallergenic, providing a simple, natural approach to true skin health. Through Patented Redox Signaling technology, this unique therapy supports your skin's natural renewal process, improves your tone and balance, and revitalizes your youthful appearance.

So Finally, the amazing molecules that have been helping us all heal ourselves on the inside, can now help us look and feel better on the outside!!! and all in 28 DAYS!

That's why they called it RENU 28 !


But...the most profound message is a pair of photos of Reidun Bohn from Norway (who we met at the Convention), before and after her 28 days on Renu 28!!!

This photo may look too good to be true, but we talked to her, she did look great, and she assured me that she had used one tube of Renu 28 on her face and neck for 28 days.

..."And... after 2 days of using the product myself, my neck felt softer, smoother, and when I looked in the mirror, I said to Michael..."am I crazy, or does my neck LOOK better too? Truly this product is AMAZING!" ...Penny


Watch the product video and see more sharings:



Seeing Is Believing! View actual pictures of "before & after" RENU 28 useage.


Now that you have your own RENU 28, watch the Useage Guide so you can get the most benefit from your RENU 28.

View the ASEA Product video for more info, click here.


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"We Live and Die at the Cellular Level"


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