Healing Technique With Color & Affirmations

A. A. Michael


A.A. Micahael (Michael) has given us a healing technique that uses colors and affirmations to heal any known ailment that touches any human upon this planet if one is ready to address it!

All of us are angels, we just have forgotten! Those of us who are now in the process of awakening will help others to awaken so that we can begin to create consciously and assist our beloved Earth and All of Creation to return to Wholeness.

Please share this with all you can, and ask them to share it with all they can. And like the Billion Person Peace Meditation, it can help to turn this reality around to one of Love and Light as it was meant to be.

A.A. Micahael said during the lesson that each time we judge, we make the experience more concrete in OUR energy field. Recall what the Bible says about Seeing the mote in another's eye and ignoring the log in our own. Anything we do affects us, and All of Creation.

It is a process, but once begun, we do begin to notice what we are saying, and as we do, we can eliminate that which no longer serves us. I found out that there were still buttons in me that haven't gotten released with all the work I have done prior to now, I AM open to receive all assistance in doing so. So Be It!


Saturday, January 04, 2003


Beloved Angels, Greetings to you all


We come to ask your assistance as we enter into this time of great turmoil for your planet. As you are all well aware there is a great push among the density leaders of your world to have a war that will bring great harm to your planet earth as well as tremendous suffering to those who are residing there at this time. We say that those who will experience suffering have chosen it. There choice is made out of ignorance and unawareness that there is another possibility. The planet you call home at this time however will respond to the devastation of her in a way that will feel even more retaliatory than it has in recent memory. Your earth home is growing weak from the misuse and abuse humans have brought to it in the name of technological advancement and ego self-proclaimed power. She will take care of herself. Remember this is the first rule of inhabiting the density that you take care of yourself FIRST without judgment or harm to any other. The planet can no longer care for itself without harm to its inhabitants so there will be those who appear to suffer. In reality they have agreed to take this role in order to assist the earth in its healing. You too can assist by 'working' in the ways that we will teach you to help to restore balance to the earth.


We ask that you continue on a daily basis to go to the color mantle in your meditations and bring in the colors that will heal judgment and also that you remember to begin in your own home with this in each meditation. Healing judgment in your home will help to heal it wherever you go.


To add to this request we ask that beginning on January 11. When you go into your meditation, light a Bright Pink colored candle with the intention that it bring Openness to you and into your planet.

On January 12 light a Hot Magenta candle to awaken Motivation in yourself and your fellow humans.

On January 13 light a Ruby candle to awaken Anticipation in your self.

On January 14 light a Bright Blue candle to create Joy for all.

On January 15 light a Silver Blue candle and bring Harmony into your planet.

On January 16 light a Steel Blue White candle and bring Awakening to your planet.

On January 17 light a Pale Lemon Yellow candle to awaken Acceptance on your planet.


You can repeat this cycle beginning on the 20th and following the same candle color and intention through the 26th. Repeat this cycle each month and you will aid the healing of your planet and yourself in a great way. We are encouraging the focus of the masses here to create a new awareness of how things can be when we create with intention. We know for some the prospect of the candle colors will seem daunting. You can use white colors and with your intention create the space and color you desire. For example take a piece of paper 81/2 x 11 colored paper the color of that days meditation and place your white candle on or in front of it with a mirror to magnify the color and light it with the intention of creating the color and its property. If you find it to difficult to create or discover this color paper then use white and name it the color of this day. We would prefer that you use the actual colors as you see them but we know the importance of this intention so we make it as easy as we can for you. We know there are those of you still believing that the trappings carry the power unaware that it is your intention that holds the magic. Burn the candles in 8-minute cycles to create acceptance with each burn. The more times you do this in a 24-hour period the stronger the influence will be.


As we say, what you place your focus on is what you create; we give you this exercise to create your focus on healing of yourselves and the planet.


We are at the end of a cycle that brings to your planet an opportunity for those experiencing chaos to remember their origin and know separation through knowing its opposite in a state of harmony leaving the awareness of chaos as motivator for experience behind. Many of you are making this choice as well as the choice to assist others to make this choice. We commend you for being agent of change begins always in your density as a lonely path. With your focus and intention firmly on that which you are creating you create with greater speed. Remember to keep purity and clarity in your intention for creation for all that you place your focus on you will create.


When choosing to create for the masses you must enlist their assistance as their focus and intention must come into harmony with your own. You must first become that which you are creating so that others see you and want what you have then you can share who you are with them. This happens with such subtlety that you are often not aware that it is happening. Yet if you look around you will see that those separations that are in your experience with you are of your same intention and expectation that you have been. For some of you the desire to be awakened angel has come to you first among those you are with so you will feel as though you are growing away from your friends and family, we would say to you invite them to join you rather than to leave them behind. You may be surprised at how often they will. It is your first reaction when you are moving into something different that you will be judged harshly for the changes that you are seeking and indeed many of you will but just as often there will be those in your circle who are just as interested as you are in the awakening of their own truth and the empowerment to live from that truth in HONOR of self and all others. Again we say HONOR = I take care of MYSELF with out bringing harm to any other and then you with out bringing harm to me. All with out JUDGMENT!!


Always in great joy and awe of you travelers to density, knowing that it is a privilege to take this journey in dense body as well as a great trial that each you have chosen to experience that all may know selves as wholeness. I am Micahael


From my beloved angel guide Micahael and Roni Angel to all who are awakening angels here in density.


Please share this exercise with fellow light workers and any who desire to aid in the healing of this planet. We would like to reach the "hundredth monkey" with this one. As many of you know this "hundredth monkey" changes the thought and belief of all like species. With awakening to this truth that we have power to influence what is in our experience with our thoughts and words on a global level, we can use these thoughts and words to create peace and acceptance just as the dense ego has used the masses through the media to create chaos and war, all are reaction to judgment. Eliminating judgment from our density experience will awaken harmony and peace.

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