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2012 - A New Evolution of Consciousness

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 03:00 PM PST


People of the world, unite in Divine Love, and let your hearts sing _together in the Light of true Peace.

The now infamous year of 2012 allows you many new opportunities to be _what you came on earth to be. The responsibility you hold as Light _Workers means that you are here to bring more Light through you to the _Earth, and ground the evolutionary frequencies. Your willingness to _work with Divine Light has been one of the powerful ways this new _consciousness has been born onto the planet.

The new higher frequencies you carry are transforming your very being. _As you allow these Spirals of Light-filled Consciousness to be _integrated within you a newborn, complete 12 Chakra system is created _for your evolution. These energy frequencies radiate through you and _out to the planet. Through your agreement to carry new frequencies of _Divine Light, you are literally changing the world.

So many are asking, "what is my Soul's purpose?" We must answer; you _are here to hold new frequencies of Light and to anchor them into the _Earth. As you do this all, including the Earth, will evolve. This _allows the particular form of your purpose to manifest in a more _fertile environment in which you can work. Know that you are not _limited in this process. Your declaration of intention will create the _hookups necessary with the forces of Light working through you. In the _meantime, dedicate yourself to creating alignment with the new _elevation of your chakra system so you can ground and embody the _manifestation of these energy frequencies in the world.

The support systems becoming available through this new evolution of _energy systems are magnificent. As close as your thoughts, as near as _your breath, you are interacting with higher frequencies of _Intelligence and Love. The Christ Light shines as a brilliant Star of _Consciousness that can be invited through your energy centers. Allow _your very personal energy system to be lit up by this star. Through _you this Divine Consciousness can be anchored into the Soul of the _Earth, the deep and vital connection with your new 1st chakra. Know _that it is safe to carry these frequencies of Light. Your energy _system is evolving to allow you to use this awareness.

Bless all the Situations Within and Around You with Divine Light _Confusion and chaos around you may seem more intense. The truth of _what it means to have an evolution of consciousness becomes more clear _when fear is released and you allow yourself to stay in the present _moment. Within the power of the Now you are cared for completely. You _can trust that the consciousness you carry within your energy fields _attracts the same to you in the future. Bringing Light into your _present moment and staying in touch with your inner guidance system _inspires heart-centered action moment to moment. Your clarity about _the world you intend to inhabit and your intention for bringing more _Light into every situation provides the keys to connection with this _heightened guidance system.

You will be working with all the spiritual tools you have ever been _given, and plenty of new ones, as 2012 evolves. Know that the years _that follow this new one are equally important. The shift in _consciousness will not stop at the end of this famous year. After the _upheaval and change in systems on a personal inner level, the physical _plane must reflect the change in consciousness. This usually takes a _longer period as new structures are put into place. That is why your _grounded awareness and commitment to embody the new light frequencies _becomes an important focal point of this new time. You cannot force _things to happen. It is a lesson for you in allowing the creation of _your highest intention to evolve in more beneficial ways than you can _imagine. Miracles occur when the Forces of Light are invited to assist _the process.

But it will not be done for you. You are the ones who create the new _world by your willingness to hold the new frequencies of Light, Divine _Love and Universal Awareness. When you take it a step at a time, it _will not be overwhelming. One more important thing for you to remember _is, there has never been a time when you have so much Divine _assistance as you have now and throughout 2012.

Here is a prayerful suggestion for you:

Divine Presence, God, Goddess, All That Is,

Surround me with the Light of your protection. Fill me with the Light _of your Love. Let this Light align my being with Divine Intelligence. _Allow my body to receive and integrate these frequencies to assist my _spiritual evolution. As I embody these new frequencies, I ask to be a _grounded presence that anchors Light and Love. Let me be a blessing to _assist the earth in receiving the respect and sanctity she deserves.

May all beings find Love in their hearts and allow Divine Love to _motivate their actions. May Peace prevail within all people and all _communities. And may the world leaders receive the Grace of Divine _Intelligence and bless the world with their Peace-filled presence. May _we always live in Harmony with each other and with the Earth. So be _it. Be it so. Amen

People of the world, unite in Divine Love. May 2012 to be a year for a _Spontaneous Evolution of consciousness that allows the Earth and all _beings to thrive.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel _

Copyright: December 29, 2011

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